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  1. +support. What everyone is forgetting is technically we are not government. We are citizens who work for the government on radio. IRL dispatchers are not sworn officers and in the game it should be treated as such.
  2. Bye spring. Kinda weird not seeing you on
  3. We ain't a sub department now. We are our own department.
  4. As Sienna's FAVOURITE DD gay guy I will be honoured to be her bridesmaid
  5. I have seen a lot of people in crim and gov asking about this rule and when I have asked staff I was told no it was not a rule. Yet when he asked higher up he was told it was. Yet again today I posed the same question to killer which he asked higher up again (Not as high I believe) and he was told it isn't. It is not clear whether or not this is failRP even most staff are unsure or have to ask. I believe It is failRP since real life you wouldn't taze someone temporarily paralysing them in water where they could drown. MEGA +1
  6. Been departing it for a while. I just don't have any desire to continue to do EMS.
  7. Your In-Game Name:Ots Your SteamID: Staff member's In-Game Name: Don't know since multiple staff seem to support or joined in What did they do? From what I was told it was the "teamspeak manager" or something like that who had decided to do it. How can high ranking staff say ignore it. They can do what they want with it. Getting a civilian to drive a marked cop bearcat, playing music, using the lights and prop minging by adding prop seats on the side and top stacked randomly. But any mention is shut down cause staff can do that. How are staff allowed to do stuff players can't. If I got a civilian to drive my cop car and drive around with a hobo playing music while the driver plays with the lights, I would get warned. Why is it ok for staff to drive around in a "mingy" manor and be allowed to. Yet if players did the same thing, someone would be warned. Why are there separate standards. I was not the only player to not be happy with it. In fact 2 times on the radio that swat bearcat was labled as stolen. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment?
  8. Your In-Game Name: Otis Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:39114803 Staff member's In-Game Name: None What did they do? Ok so this isn't a direct complaint. I don't see any other way in order to put this sort of complaint across to staff. I don't understand how on a server with 45 active players on at the moment with 8 being staff but no staff are willing to either go on duty or even take reports. I at this moment of writing have a open report for nearly 20 minutes. But no staff want to do anything. No staff as far as I am aware are even paying attention to check. As (Can't confirm) I am pretty sure people was encouraging someone to "crash" during a raid or something. I had attempted to politely ask in OOC for a staff to do some reports but the only staff I have seen type in OOC in the last 40 odd minutes probably more was a YRL member advertising his family. Ok so as I was finishing this up I noticed that 2 staff members had decided it was more a priority to rather model themselves as a chopper or to warn people that THEY see breaking rules Oh and as I post this it has now been over a half hour and up to 10 staff online Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? I just think a mention on this issue is needed. With a server this popular with near constant high player counts with (and don't take this a wrong way) high number of rule breakers, I don't see why staff should just ignore report. I understand staff want to RP. But if there are a few staff and and none want to go on duty or take report then I don't feel they care enough about the commity. I think staff should just be reminded that the whole point on being staff is to enforce server rules. Not ignore report cause "I want to roleplay" when all the other staff are saying the same.
  9. +Support Even with his warnings while playing with him I don't feel he was at all a minge. He is very respectable and good guy to talk to. He was very helpful to a fairly new player such as myself when I needed help with a bit miner. Think he would be a good fit.