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  1. +Support Goes without saying, this is really nice and much needed.
  2. -Support D-class are criminals and wildcards. They were also pulled from death row under the pretense that if they participate in the Foundation's experiments, they'll be given their freedom back, so roleplay-wise they could either see CI as liberators or ruining their chances at freedom.
  3. +Support I'm loving these changes, glad things are finally balancing out.
  4. Name in RP: S Stevens Rank: PVT Any concerns: More NCO and Command activity would be nice. Enlisted can't really do anything without having someone to lead, so there isn't much point in flagging on without them.
  5. Name: S Stevens Rank: PVT Specialties (CE, FTO, Ranger): N/A SteamID: STEAM_1:1:82606263 How Active are you (1-10?): 5 Any Suggestions For Epsilon-11?: Less minging in front of new enlisted.