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  1. +Support Mateo is a friendly, active player. Very rarely, he minges, but he stops when he is told to stop. He can get very serious in roleplay, and he is also very helpful.
  2. print "Hello World!"
  5. +Support Two things to consider. You typically deal 300 HP at the tops to 682 before dying as MTF making you wait the NLR (3 minutes), and if you do die, you can't report back that you tranq'ed him and where he was last seen. Second, they can just run away and go invisible until they are able to move again.
  6. +Support He's on late at night alongside me and OWNED. We rarely have escorts for our tests, so it would be nice to have him as a RIG. He's active, friendly, and he's extremely helpful.
  7. Good luck on future endeavors!
  9. +Support Why don't we have it if we have it for other branches? It would make reporting things easier.
  10. Please don't fully credit me for this. Me, Lead Researcher Jay, and Researcher OWNED were all apart of this test, and all helped with something among the test. Lead Researcher Jay: Thought of the idea and did the test. Researcher OWNED: Made the idea happen, helped reword some of the document, and did the test. Researcher Starstep: Wrote the document, and did the test.
  11. -Support Not much a Researcher could do with a AFK Class-D other than feed them to the SCPs.