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  1. Steam Name: Black Sins Ingame Name: El Chapo SteamID:STEAM_0:0:86047772 Ban Length: 1 day Admin that Banned you:Console Reason for Ban:it said i reach the 10 warns limit Dispute: The reason i say that i should be unbanned is because first of all i wasnt even online when i got banned i was out eating and second of all it said 10 warns limit when I have 19 warns.
  2. It was fun in fbi while i was there but i am not in the mood to play it anymore.
  3. Mr. Sins

    El Chapo LOA

    Name: El Chapo Rank: SAIC LOA Time:20-30 days Reason (Private if needed): taking a break off gmod
  4. better watch out because porman is now MrStealYourTing
  5. Mr. Sins

    BRUH'S Retierment

    Sad To see you leave