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  1. Y'all need to chill the fuck out. Think about it this way and not your own stubborn way. He was ordered to do something, and he did it in exchange for a good application. Mans a good soldier
  2. And you still haven't fucking said anything in voice chat. What the fuck.
  3. My little man is growing up. It's funny how I can still see you in your medical armor. When you eventually become VCMDR, come over to medbay for checkup.
  4. I should stop saying December and switch to Dezember. It just rolls off the tongue better. Just make sure to keep your loa's in check man
  5. Holy fucking shit, his has two pages. Why hasn't this been accepted yet?
  6. Not ready yet, just became director of research. I need to see progress in the sub battalion in order for me to support you. Also some people might not like his personality unless you get to know him, just saying.
  7. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : MC HS VCMDR Phill 1203 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Medical 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? The current general (badger) has done a magnificent job getting medical on an active foothold. Long story short, I want to expand it further and keep it alive. I want to expand it not just physically in numbers, but expand it into almost like a family. I'm sure most of you experienced folks know that a single person can't run a whole battalion. Badger didn't fix medical by himself. There were people such as me, Blarg, Joe, Scotwo, Citadel, and Wyvern. We all worked heavily with one another: Brainstorming our ideas and dreams about medical, writing SOPs together, establishing new practices together. and posted suggestions. One by one, they began to leave due to personal issues. All that there is left is me and Blarg. You're best bet for keeping medical alive is either Blarg or myself. We both have worked with Badger extensively. The reason why I'm writing the application is because we both agreed that I am the most experienced one with imperial rp and commanding and would be the best bet because Blarg has been recently promoted to vice commander. If my application gets denied, you people better watch out for Blarg's and accept his and give him full support. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? Around 6 days only on medical. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? This sounds cliche, but Commanders are there to act as role models to the whole battalion. Whenever someone has an issue with medical, not only does that soldier get punished, but the Commander gets an equivalent punishment. Any dirt or bad word of mouth about the battalion will also transfer onto the commander because he is the skull of the medical skeleton. I treat all the medic under me as is I were them. I always had a phobia of commanding anybody because I was scared of consequences and always felt comfortable being given orders. I have decided to face that fear and put in a application of vice commander. You can see that I was was nervous because I wrote a ton. I am confident with commanding and confident writing this application. Many people keep playing because they enjoy my company You don't even know how happy inside it makes me feel. I can't disappoint them. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I've been a vice commander for a long time and have been a student of Bagder's work. That doesn't mean that I am a programmed robot that wrote down every thing that Badger has done. I adopted his motivation, commanding ability, and critical thinking. But there were things that Badger never had that I have. Badger had a difficult job dealing with minges, dishing out punishments, and defending his points. I learned how to deal with those way before I learned how to properly rp as a medic. 7. How often can you be Online? : Basically all day unless I have something to do. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : None.
  8. +/- I'd like to see 31st do more than they currently doing. Show us you can fix the "boringness" of the 31st and you have my full support. Short application though.
  9. + Teach your boys to preform CAS during events. But other than that, good luck.
  10. +/- This, to me at least, sounds like something the command members of 31st is neglecting. Either they don't care that the battalion is getting stale and boring, or are currently planning on adding something. Anyway, you're always welcome to come to the medbay for mandatory machine maintenance. Just make sure to put it over comms.
  11. I've seen glimpses of IF doing tryouts. To me it just looks like they're making stuff up on the spot that sound hard.
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