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  1. +Support There are several things I would like to address, the first of which being the River situation. At the time it was very commonly known that River had many issues, and I believe it was extremely irresponsible for him to be picked for SMT without being properly vetted, and without consulting with Chico. Another point is the situation with Spectre. There was unprecedented public outcry from the community on the report on Spectre, he had broken one of the rules that everyone knew always lead to a permanent ban, yet he was let off with just a temporary staff restriction. I believe this was the first in a series of incidents regarding Spectre that showed bias. Spectre was continuously let off with little to no punishment in situations brought up in other responses to this post that I believe any other person that is not in the favor of management would have been banned for. A very concerning situation recently was the sudden removal of dozens of community members reserves. I woke up and saw that the roster of my battalion was stripped of reserves of many people who I had spent time with rising through the ranks with, who very clearly deserved reserves for their contributions. It is shocking that they had the reward for their hard work revoked for such an arbitrary reason as "there isnt a note." I understand having an internet issue right around Christmas time and I cannot fault you for that, however what is shocking is that there have only been 2 total updates made by Hotshot to ImperialRP in the past 2 months. The other 3 managers have been seen to do triple that amount of updates in a single day. I wholeheartedly believe that the lack of updates and new content is part of the reason why our server ranking has dropped in the past month. I understand having outside obligations, real life comes first. However, I believe something must be done if more time and attention cannot be dedicated to the server. Lastly, I want to address behavior on this thread. Soon after this report was posted I began to see arguments start, and following standard Forum Diplomat Protocol, I posted a warning stating that "Arguing is prohibited, and continued posts that are not +Supports or -Supports will be hidden and forums warnings will be distributed." Following this, Hotshot replied to multiple comments, which is concerning because if any other person did this, their comments would be hidden and they would be punished. I find it fairly concerning that someone so high up in the staff team showed little to no regard to our forum rules and protocol. I think it is reprehensible that so many of Hotshots friends are blatantly disrespecting Keegan for making this report. He clearly put a lot of time and thought into this post and it shows how concerned he is for the server. I was initially worried to post my opinions on this due to potential backlash in my RP and Staff careers. Please note that these are simply my opinions that I am stating out of severe concern for the future of this community, and are in no way meant to be a personal attack.
  2. Forums Diplomat Message Alrighty everyone, I know this is going to be a controversial topic so I just want to stop any arguments before they start and I'd like to remind everyone of the forums rules Keep this thread to a +Support/-Support basis ONLY. Arguing between eachother is prohibited. Failure to do so and continued arguing will result in forums warnings/restrictions being handed out as well as this topic being locked until SMT reviews it. Thanks! -Senior Diplomat Frog
  3. +Support As the current Senior Commander of DT, I believe that this candidate is the best choice out of all those currently eligible.
  4. 1. What is your current IGN? (In Game Name) Frog 2. What rank are you applying for? Fleet Admiral 3. Why do you want to become the position of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax I want to become Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax because I want to be able to help out Naval in any way I can. I believe that in my current position as DT SNR CMDR I am quite limited in what I can do for Naval as a whole, and if I become Fleet Admiral my abilities to help lead, manage, and effect change within Naval as a whole will be increased tenfold. I would like to get more involved with the other Naval battalions, and take a more direct role in helping them prosper and grow, as opposed to my current role as an outside advisor. In addition, although I will mainly be focusing on Naval, being High Command allows me to help out other battalions such as Army and IQ. Being Naval High Command does not solely restrict you to Naval, you have the opportunity and privilege to affect server wide change. Throughout my 6.5 months in DT, and my 4 months as DT Command, I believe I have done my part in helping Naval and DT to the best of my abilities. When I received DT VCMDR, and the other Command left there were only 19 Deathtroopers left. Now as of writing there are 55 Deathtroopers. Just a few days ago we hit an all-time activity record of 23 DT Online. I created a very significant update for DT in recent weeks, as well as implemented countless new policies and changes to DT over my career in the battalion. I believe that because of my track record in DT, as well as my leadership skills and maturity level, I am fully qualified and able to serve as Fleet Admiral. 4. How much in-game time do you have on the server? As of writing, I have 1,008 Hours, which translates to 6 Weeks. 5. How active can you be on the server? I can be on for an average of 4-6 Hours per day. 6. What is the Main purpose of being a Fleet Admiral? The main purpose of being a Fleet Admiral is to be the first step of Naval High Command COC. The Fleet Admiral is the first person that someone will contact if they have an issue that requires High Command involvement. The job as a member of high command is to oversee the battalion that you are assigned to. Your role as high command is to be an advisor, assisting where needed. High command should not step in when they are not needed and let the battalion command run their own battalion, unless necessary. Another job of Fleet Admiral is in general being a good role model. Fleet Admiral being the first rank in Naval HC must represent the values of the Imperial Navy. 7. Why should we trust you with this Position? I should be trusted with this position for several reasons, the first reason is time. I have been a member of this community for just about 2 years now, and I have never abused any positions, or done anything to violate trust. Being in DT for 7 months, and DT Command for 4 months I have shown my capabilities as a leader and a role model. In addition to my command experience here, I have held multiple High Command positions on Gaminglight’s PoliceRP Server. I believe another reason to trust me with this position is my extensive experience within the servers Staff Team. I have been a member of Gaminglight staff for over a year, and I am a Senior/Supervisor of both the Forum Diplomat Corps, as well as Gaminglight Support. Throughout my time in ImperialRP, I have done nothing but show myself to be a mature, competent, and trustworthy leader.
  5. +Support If I remember correctly, song lyrics (unless the song is directly racist) do not fall under racism.