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  1. if anyone reading this able to fix my forum acount im listed as a meber not a bronze and i am only level 4?+IT SAYS I HAVENT BEEN ACTIVE IN 50 YEARS
  2. +support lets not make one man ruin it for all of us
  3. +support add little more damge 2
  4. +support at least make them have less powerful wepin and/or less armor/health
  5. +support we should make it 60+ tho because we don want any minges on that class
  6. +support this is really annoying and this will definetly be a good adition to server
  7. +support good for ci and makes more sence
  8. +support i was there it came out of no were killing all ci
  9. -support doesnt seem like a too inspired event and i think not letting ci raid is fair but they should be allowed in events
  10. +support ive seen some omi9 sniper just died 4 times and always came back waiting for us to raid calls it out and like 10 mtf come to destroy us