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  1. until
    ISB will send troops on a mission to hoth
  2. until
    PVE Sim in turbolasers
  3. until
    Some Rebels will invade the ISD (depending on what happens, might invade hoth)
  4. until
    A rouge AI will torment the bridge. (passive)
  5. until
    The ISD will park on a rebel hyperspace lane and capture a rebel cruiser.
  6. until (Made for Luci cause he couldn't)
  7. +Support +More Accurate +Fits in MHB and SHB
  8. +Support because its just the lore that 9th is tall.
  9. until
    ISB arrives with a rebel base location, mission is to find the hyperspace route to another base
  10. until

    postponed to 10pm
  11. until
    An ISB will arrive and have the 31st install an interdiction module to the ISD, a cr90 will be captured and boarded and the location of a rebel base will be found.
  12. until
    The troops will be sent to hoth to protect a small outpost there
  13. until
    An ISB will arrive and investigate the troops
  14. until
    A rebel strike team will break into the ISD