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  1. I don't know if I should be sad to see you leaving or happy that we've had a enjoyable friendship. Alex, I have nothing to say but good things. Quarantine has brought many of us together during a tough time, but we had fun and made the most of it, shared a lot of fun times and good laughs. I'll miss you Alex. You're a good friend. You can always contact me so if you wanna talk or anything. ~pikus
  2. Torty owned the base, he was on government. Torty, was brought to remove his props since he's not allowed to base. The issue brought up in this report, Jimmy was allowed to remove the props, unknowing the props belonged to someone else. Torty who was brought by Jimmy James said something along the lines of "it's okay...yeah, you can delete it" assuming the base belonged to Torty, which in all fairness I can understand. Torty owned the doors along with other props, which Jimmy then helped removed. Musty owned a bunch of huge plates covering the side of the entire parking garage. It was Torty's base which he gave permission to remove. Then Jimmy removed them. - Support.
  3. +Support reasons above
  4. pikus

    Admin Abuse

    There was an incident that happened earlier in the morning. https://prnt.sc/tn9yz5 Context of the picture. Wolf, who was on his PD MSGT placed a hit on a government official before logging off the server. Wolf placed a hit on Echo, who at the time who was on his Fire Marshall CC which is government. The original reason for the sit was for RDM, upon the sit we discovered the hit was placed by Wolf, who at the time was on PD. I believe this is corruption placing a hit as a government official and I would assume that someone who's staff would understand. *This was already brought to PD Command*
  5. pikus

    Jeffern’s LOA

    Noted, take all the time you need. Please message me if you need an extension or early dismissal.