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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b6GEakB9R_XzrKChwdnPzwp6Gl9wF4ro4exoyqRUJCI/edit?usp=sharing
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zOt3oTzLV6-77XUUzSDieEYO3U2otRKi81eGdTk04wU/edit?usp=sharing
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ibopRbgZHDMUqecF3ohk-0rbOw25OY_M7VySamY4UJA/edit?usp=sharing
  4. +/- support funny man with funny graph makes a funny point but the funny knives are still funny shit
  5. +/- support just jump during a sprint and swing, mtf do the same when trying to shoot 076 otherwise ye
  6. Da da da

    FG-42 Nerf - Denied

    -support low ammo count in mag with weird reload miss for a 'second' or be misdirected for a 'second' and at 900 rounds per min you lose 15 of the 20 bullets in the mag. How to beat an FG-42? Crouch jump or use a gun with a bigger mag which is literally all other most used guns. Also, lowering ammo to 15 means it takes a second to lose a whole mag and get shit on, effectively killing the guns use more drastically than you can think. (Reducing ammo count in a mag to 15 also just doesnt make sense, yes nerf damage or whatever but a mag is a real aspect that should never be touched.)
  7. how does masking a staff app make your rep go down even more bruh
  8. I wanna see thanos beat boxing patrick the star from famous hit tv show spongbub square pant or im out with a -support.
  9. +support Kinda been thinking about how unfair, long and unlucky this SCP is. One of the only ways this SCP can actually do anything is if you get some guy on his own off the bat. Killing 049-2 has only gotten easier as branch updates move forward and there was a time I could say 'Take a few people to kill the 049-2' now I can trust someone do it on their own. My opinions on what should change: FearRP up'd to 3 (An SCP who KNOWS he wont be killed as he is valuable should be able to call bluff to regular fearrp rules) Swep cooldown reduction to 40 - 30 seconds (A min for an 049-2 that can get obliterated in this time a quarter of the time if lucky) Breach timer lowered to 20 mins It is common phrase now in MTF to say that 'Oh don't worry, the SCP that is breached is only 049.'
  10. +support I see no reason other than 'toxic' for this ban to which is fueled by opinions. Perma bans should be reserved for those who really deserve them, unfortunately someones personality is does not fit in the perma bans reasons. Unless this dude has been committing war crimes, I think this should be shortened to a week. He seems to have learn't his lesson a little and got a scare.
  11. +support Dunno if its just me but LMGs get its power from both the individual round and the amount of them. Thats why the main driving force for LMGs in every game is that they are too heavy to be able to combat light guns with higher or more destructive patterns. My solution? Less mobility, higher dmg and fire rate. LMGs are stationary guns that are lethal af, not over sized mac10s...
  12. Da da da

    Buff CZ? - Denied

    Nearly every single gun, if you stand still and get shot in the head which a full mag will leave you dead or near dead... There is no way to 'test guns' without putting though several different situations. +support CZ-75 can hold up to 26 rounds through a quick search (depending on version / caliber), I have never encountered a problem with the gun, ever which makes be believe these 'turning it into a pocket ak' responses have a fueling drive behind them as we all know that the damage for an ak is double along side its ammo count...
  13. +/- support I feel it holds an ok amount of potential? I'm not too sure about this one which is why its not a full on -support, just seems like another 'research want this new scp' suggestion to which never ends... I feel if an scp is to be suggested for 'research reasons' then the actual branch should come together and decide from the 10 odd (probably exaggerated) scps that are being suggested for the same reason.