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  1. bruh this aint detroit rp no needs this
  2. convinced 3 gensec that their cpt was a spy a while back and they ended up killing him and letting me go
  3. Da da da

    Dangs LOA

    dont die before my loa ends bruv
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    I wish to fuck I could be around while the server seems to be changing however this is big loss. cya later u cringe ass nae nae baby
  5. Da da da

    939 Buff

    +support HP should be around 4K with 2k or 1.5k tranq ever since the tranq update 939 is way too easy to contain, only 500 hp is needed and then an op 3 tranq until instant down. i feel the tranq update didn’t at all have 939 in mind and has subsequently nerfed it to prices being nothing but a shadow of what it used to be, and that is a keter class SCP.
  6. -support So if I got this right, this update will cause 3 things. Uncontrollable SCP breaches that will make MTF just give up Defcon 1 to be more frequent Hell Lets not so this, it’s fine as it is.
  7. Name: Tax Evasion Rank & Callsign: SRIC RC02 / SFC XC02 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:197178742 Discord: dadada#1414 Divisions: Hotshot, trap, slueth and maynard? Activity: LOA Suggestions: N/A Command Only Why you should retain your position? I have the best big mommy milky, I use this to feed the new recruits so they dont retard revolt
  8. +support So there is this guy name Rick, right? And he is a scientist, a mad scientist at that, he's got tons of gadgets and portal guns and such. So anyways, one day he calls out Morty (his grandson, who sometimes shares adventures with him) to his garage. And on the counter is a pickle. When Morty (the grandson) flips it over, we find out that Rick (the scientist, grandpa of Morty) has actually turned himself into a pickle! Naming himself Pickle Rick in a very joyous manner. Funniest shit I've ever seen. +/- support on SF guns tho / this kinda just seems like gensec getting 3 SF jobs. This should be discussed with MTF High command about the natures of these jobs. I saw the rest of the replies and see that it was already discussed, please refer to the paragraph above.
  9. +support this guy was only trying to fix the lag
  10. Hello Cogs I forgot what I do again here negev go brrrrrrrr caused all this
  11. +/- support This does nothing but allow people who already have a huge chance at escaping a tiny boost, it should be regular users that this should be aimed towards, the ones who actually cant escape at all without help as they don’t have crackers.
  12. +support usas RPM does not match anything outside SCPRP, which makes no sense. The gun fires faster at semi auto (one click at a time) rather than holding it down, this is clearly weird.
  13. Da da da


    Last post as I wasn’t intending of starting an argument or continuing one, however. There is a massive thing you have decided to leave out of this and it’s job role. One job (CI) has the task of raiding with one life, the other 3 (MTF as a whole) have the task of defending. Of course, defending is easier than attacking next to all the time, which is why when MTF group at gate A, no matter how many medics you got it’s gonna be on MTFs favour 90% of the time. Due to this some classes in CI must have equipment that suits raiding. With one life some CI jobs outside sawbones have medkits, this is to preserve their life and do more damage. Obviously command are the priority of this due to them being command that are needed. MTF have infinite lives in the very lace they are defending (excluding E11). CI need equipment that makes it so they can make the most of their one life each otherwise what’s the point? I would also like to point out that their are also I believe a few MTF jobs that have medkits outside of medic too, yet this was failed to be mentioned at all. Just wanted to point this out as it’s very much been missed, gonna go back to doing whatever for my 4 week loa.