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  1. I would go right to SMT then on the formers then you will have better luck on the forums with SMT then online
  2. First off if GMs are personally starting a event during tryouts and there giving you no option but to stop. You have every right to report them to high command or SMT God only knows they force us to work on there agenda but to interpret ares that's not exseptable get the name of the GM and just report him next time
  3. +/- support + he has experience with security so he knows how it works - how ever shock has always had low amounts of officers this is cause it takes forever to rank up as shock and there is no need for alot of officers in shock the fact you don't know this as a former shock worries me Note: how ever shock need more security officers and the more the better Good luck
  4. +/- + Great application + sounds like a respectful and kind guy +/- I like where he somewhat coming from here - but permotions and disaplinary actions are not and should not be a bullet point for your application as you half to earn the right to do these actions as a specialty officer Note: how ever we do need medical overseers as it is just me and weebus left so the best off luck to you if you do make it please feel free to contact me on discord or pm me in game if i am on for tips and or questions you might have please feel free to do so the more you ask the better you look in my opinion.
  5. + support Variations would be nice and would solve a major problem in the fact that temple gaurd will be getting a extra role with the arresting so to ballence this out they should give the other classes something as well. Give the sentinels grappling hooks or something allowing them to get to places faster then the enemy thuse being able to capture points faster ideas like this would be cool
  6. Name: Greed Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:107843717 job name: ST Enforcer Greed changing the hilt: models/wos/lightsabers/w_obiwan_dual.mdl > models/lightsaber3/lightsaber3.mdl paid by user 10$: STEAM_0:0:107843717
  7. Major - support Why don't you just dictate how to play on said server next or how many time we have to spend a day on said server before it exseptable to play on said server its like saying. Once your child gets to 18 + I shouldn't ever essosheat with that person as my child it would send a horrible message to both servers and get ppl like me to stop playing all together
  8. I guess you could say you were really Blunt about this Application But I agree with this
  9. What do you want to see? - i want more Stances/ dueling form skill trees Why should we add it? - we currently only have 4 stances In Forms 5 if you count Duel Light sabers there all from Imperial RP and thus most of the JVS player base like myself have already used them 100 times over and its gotten stale i want more variety stances that can be used for Double sabers stances for pike users stances for speed demons stances that can be us with blocks to add a more tanky feel something different then what we are us to that is cheep enough to be accessible What are the advantages of having this? - it would bring new life to combat and make it feel fresh and give more options for players Who is it mainly for? - the player base
  10. zefershpear

    New Radio

    - support But then oddshot wouldn't have anyone to yell at when he comes back
  11. + major support Amazing guy Amazing leader Dedicated as hell to all his regiments must most importantly to ICs Great Application Try to make things fun for his troopers Active Serous I could go on with all the good things about this guy and he is what ICs need
  12. + massive support Dylan my dude you were the reason I became a officer in the first place it was 5 months 2 weeks ago you accept my 501st officer application it was shortly after that you left 501st it was a sad day for me. you inspired me and many more troopers in the 501st to push themselves to be even more then what they desired to be with you as vice and blizzard as commander the 501st is going to end up being an amazing juggernaut of a regiment.
  13. + support As a MO I aproove As a trooper I aproove Good luck i would love to work with you in the future
  14. + SUPPORT honestly I was going to - support at first but I can feel this guy has the energy to lead a specialty his reasons at first was abit meh but you won me over at the fact that you rather be thought as a person doing the job of the specialty rather then focusing on it being a rank
  15. + support Vary good Application Vary detailed Vary good answers to the questions Overall good guy Overall good for the specialty