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  1. Gordan

    Ban appeal

    Due to new evidence changed it to +support
  2. -support An escape artist's goal is to ESCAPE not breach SCP's
  3. Gordan

    Ban appeal

    Should still get warned but unbanned for the LTAP -support +support
  4. I will be resigning from CI. Utility has used most of my time and I wish to focus on it. I hope you all have a nice day!
  5. Grade: 95/100 Lore: 25/25 No contradictions Creativity: 25/25 - Good creativity Presentation: 20/25 - White background blinded me Writing: 25/25 - No errors Test quality: Exceeds Expectations
  6. Grade: 90/100 Lore: 25/25 No contradictions Creativity: 25/25 - Pretty creative Presentation: 20/25 - The white background blinded me Writing: 20/25 - Minor Errors Test quality: Exceeds Expectations
  7. Grade: 85/100 Lore: 25/25 No errors Creativity: 25/25 - Questions were creative Presentation: 20/25 - Ok presentation Writing: 15/25 - Many grammar errors, Test quality: Exceeds Expectations
  8. +/- support Gunther was being toxic and a bully but does not deserve a perma. I support a month ban.
  9. -support Mingey. Had bad experiences.
  10. Gordan

    Gordan's LOA

    Name: Gordan Rank: Senior Researcher in Charge Callsign: RC03 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 5/19/20-5/23/20 Reason (if private write N/A): Going to stay at my grandma's house and I do not have a laptop so I can not play GMOD on the go.
  11. Grade: 99/100 Lore: 25/25 No lore contradictions Creativity: 25/25 Your log was VERY creative. The torture methods were very creative. Presentation: 25/25 Phenomenal. You edited the stock log to look pretty and it looks GOOD. Writing: 24/25 Only one error was found. Test quality: Greatly Exceeds Expectations
  12. Invalid - On-Site SCP's must be tested in game. If you are unable to go on the server, you can always do tests on off-site SCP's.
  13. Grade: 95/100 Lore: 25/25 No lore contradictions Creativity: 25/25 Very creative with the audio log. Presentation: 25/25 Perfect Writing: 20/25 multiple grammar mistakes. Test quality: Exceeds expectations (keep up the good work)
  14. -support Honestly med bay gets fucked in the ass WAYYY to often and I think we need a combat class to protect us.