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  1. It says technician what about the security officer trainee? It still says im black listed from it(all i truly wanna be is a guard) Also thank you for the support guys
  2. Theres no sides or proof since this happened a month ago,i heard he was booted from admin(ARskies)
  3. Steam Name: SORRYBUTYOURENEXT Ingame Name:SORRY CELLES SteamID: 76561198294978455 Job Blacklisted From:Security traine on scp Reason for the Job Blacklist:Hello,about a month ago nobody would train me to be a security trainee and this kid admin black listed me and never took me off,im wondering if you can remove the black list because i cant be scp security personal now. His response when i asked him when it would be removed was"I dont have to tell you,why should i tell you and dont worry about it." im down for kids to be admin but he was immature and i was asking to be trained,nobody would so i ran around where the guards spawn and he just kept being rude then black listed me SCP gaming light rp server I sent this in the discord but a mod said come here. It was like a month ago some AR skies kid mod black listed me BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD TRAIN ME and i was running around in spawn not doing anything Dispute:Just got black listed a while back hasnt been lifted and he told me he wont tell me when or if it ends so ive just been waiting on a ban to lift that never will wasting my time Thank you for reading