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  1. Name Vlad romanov Rank: SR Clearance level 3 Incident cause 049 "uncuring a d class" Date of incident 3/29/2020 Short term effects of incident SCP 049 "Uncured a d class" during an intelligence test on scp 049 D class was taken to the nearby temporary euclid CC with no short term effect. Long term effects may include but are not limited to , D-3745's redesignation as an SCP, the creation of scp-049-3, SCP 049's file being rewritten to include SCP 049-3. END LOG
  2. Raids by Ci are the most frequent thing at Site 05 we could eradicate the entire CI by using this procedure to MTFs advantage Procedure 096-Goldvin-1 Targets Chaos Insurgency Use for offensive combat only Procedure 096-G-1 would involve a member of MTF [REDACTED] and NU-7 approving the use of digital photos of scp 096 as Weapons of mass destruction by sending a picture of 096s face through the CI's Night vision goggles and the CIs phones PC's ETC to Wipe out the CI cell once 096 is done killing all CI fallow proper containment procedures on scp 096.