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  2. Thank you all for being suportive Glory To The Rising sun of RND
  3. In-game Name: Vlad Romanov II SteamID: STEAM_0:0:441786887 DiscordID: Valentenia#5548 What division do you want to join (R&D): How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? My lore knowledge is 10/10 but theres still SCP's and GOI's that suprise me. Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? As a CI RND Researcher i would make test logs be productive and fallow the rules and regulations of the Chaos Insergencys research department and come up with new methods of attacking the foundation and utilising SCP's to better the Chaos insergencys cause. For example i came up with the idea of making scp 105 an informant and CI Universaly to my info at least liked it. I will be the best Researcher in RND and make as much quality test logs as possable and come up with as much ways to make CI RND fun. I may have wacky ideas in terms of practicality but in terms of science and roleplaying i shine . I also Have experience in the research department of the scp foundation and know how the inner workings of the research department work and i know about securitys comand structure,who is hated the most by security and also the way the utility functions. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? I have an intresting character to say the least more unique in terms of character skill and foundation info those who have read my test logs i am very crazy in character but i get the job done. I Have experience in security so when the time comes to defend the base i can defend the base from MTF Raids. How active can you be? Active at least every day for 5-6 hours at best Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes i have both
  4. You need to request accsess darn google docs doing this by defalt
  5. +support There is no reason why kami should not be command
  6. I will be back in ci soon then i can make more test logs
  8. This is my 105 test log Kami i hope you enjoy it
  9. +support from me wellcome to the team
  10. Lore name: RFA Vlad romanov Steamid Rank RFA Activity level 5/10
  11. +support this is a great idea it might lower all the riots in d block
  12. I will miss the anime serum tests that we did GG comrade
  13. Log taken from Vlad's "office" before it was turned into the books containment chamber then became a research rp spot in lcz "This is associate researcher vlad romanov the time is 4:00 on the 30th of march i finally got transferred to site 05 after i sent a request to head to a site with all of the good scp's." "The people here are nice like minded and one guy named juno he is one of the best guys he puts up with my outlandish ideas i mean the first time i told him about Serum 27 he ignored me. Then i showed him what i can make thankfully one of the higher-ups named protege said i could make a telepathy serum he seems to enjoy my research." "I keep being told by houris i'm off my pills again seriously i am fine but its hilarious to me" "I keep having dreams about some guy on a bench in a fedora telling me prepare for field work well if i can go to the surface occasionally i'm in" "1991 was a good year except for the serpents hand attack i still look back at that year with hate in my eyes why did one of my closest friends defect to them thankfully i am not a dishonorable person like she was darn multiversal anomaly's ruining everything."