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  1. Lore Name: Mr Horse Rank: Researcher SCP: 1424 Question / Idea: Scp 1424 may not be able to see but can still respond to voice. Background Research: Scp 1424 is a dog with unusual ability's. Scp 1424 maintains a body temperature between -23 to -18 °C. scp 1424 ability's are as follows. SCP-1424 shows no vital signs. Bodily organs are intact although non-functioning. SCP-1424 does not react to what would normally cause an organism physical pain. SCP-1424's body does not heal from injury. SCP-1424 has not been shown to respond to sound, light, or smell, although its motor and vocal abilities do not appear to be inhibited. SCP-1424's eyes do not appear to be functional, as it has been seen colliding with walls occasionally when moving around its containment pen. It cannot be ascertained whether or not SCP-1424 sleeps or is simply not moving. Hypothesis: The dog acts normal enough that maybe the dog will protect its owner. Observations (What Happened During Test): This test was conducted threw many trials of giving the dog treats. I used a training theory from Researcher Redacted I started with basic commands such as sit and stay. Once the task was successfully performed I gave the dog a treat. As time went on I gave the dog a command to attack. The dog didn't seem to understand what I meant for a while. I figured the dog needed some kind of sense to who the owner is. After hours of staying with the dog and making the dog feel comfortable around me I was able to try again. This time a d class was instructed to charge at me screaming. I gave the dog the command to attack and the dog successfully performed the command biting the d class. I wanted to see how the dog could handle two people. I asked them to go outside and pretend to break in. As soon as the two men entered screaming the dog seamed to have attack them without my command killing the two men in the process. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The dog is still a dog. It has instincts like other animals. As long as the pet feels its owner is in danger it will react. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------END LOG-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. well I was hoping for a grade, but i guess its been over a week.
  3. Lore Name: Mr Horse Rank: AR SCP: 012 Question / Idea: Is there a way to stop someone from hurting themselves from 012 Background Research:012 is a music score written out of human blood. 012 was recovered by Archaeologist K.M. Sandoval and was believed to be written out of berry. It was later discovered that the piece has been written in blood by many different subjects. Later on this caused 2 members of a special salvage group from site 19 to be driven into insanity causing them to try to finish the piece with there own blood. Hypothesis: I believe there is a way and I intent to find it. Observations (What Happened During Test): The first attempt I chopped off all the fingers and removed the d class's teeth. The d class still ended up using the wall to shred his fingers and continue to write with blood. My next attempt was less brutal. I built a glass wall in between scp 012 and the d class. The d class had no attempt to finish the score so an interview later followed. I asked " Did you still have an urge to finish the score"? "Yes" the d class responded. "Well why didn't you" I said. " I don't know, I just resisted it". It seems as if 012 still has an urge to finish the piece even when behind walls. However, This force is not strong enough for the d class to actually act upon finishing the score. My last attempt was to take a mentally insane d class and see whether they will get deeper in the insanity hole or there be a totally different result. I had the d class placed in a stray jacket and instructed him to go up to 012. This d class started laughing hysterically and asked us to join him. He told us that we were the players and he was the composer. He than started bashing his head onto the desk while humming a song. Whether this was the song of the score or a different one I do not know. Before the d class died he told us he would be done soon and the world will love his piece. One last hit and he was on the floor. blood running down his forehead. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): What ever causes anyone to want to hurt themselves is unknown. However, whenever a crazy individual steps up it ends up differently. Instead of screaming and talking of the same words (I have to finish it). The individual is overcome with pride as if they have been writing the piece before. This definitely needs more testing. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: My hypothesis was correct to a point. However, The mysterious force behind the piece never seems to leave. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------END LOG-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Lore Name: Mr Horse Rank: AR SCP: 294 Question / Idea: Will a person still hurt themselves if they were given there own chopped off finger or someone else's finger. Background Research: 012 is a music score written out of human blood. 012 was recovered by Archaeologist K.M. Sandoval and was believed to be written out of berry. It was later discovered that the piece has been written in blood by many different subjects. Later on this caused 2 members of a special salvage group from site 19 to be driven into insanity causing them to try to finish the piece with there own blood. Hypothesis: A person will use the finger to write the score. However, when the finger runs out of blood they will look for other sources. Observations (What Happened During Test): A knife was used to chop off the finger of d Class 9021. That finger was then given back to the D class. The D class was than exposed to 012. It Seems the D class still tore into his own flesh killing him in the process. The class d didn't even seem to pay any attention to the finger I gave him. Neither did he use the blood already coming out of his already Severed finger. The next subjects I chopped off all the fingers on d class 1241 and gave them to d class 3928. D class 3928 was instructed to write only with the blood of the chopped off fingers. However, the d class seemed to have dropped the fingers and used his own blood bleeding out to death. The last Subject I took d class 1241 with and instructed him to look at the piece. Since the d class had no fingers I assumed the d class wouldn't be able to tear his flesh open. The d class than used his teeth to tear open his arm and began writing. D class 1241 was taken to the infirmary where he passed away. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The mysterious force of 012 still affects the user to want to use its own blood to write the piece. The influence of this force seems as if it needs some sort of "sacrifice" in order to begin writing the piece. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Not even close. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------END LOG-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Lore Name: Mr Horse SteamID: STEAM_0:1:418687585 Rank:AR Activity Level:8/10
  6. Lore Name: Jr Research Mr Horse Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 1162 Question / Idea: Can 1162 Spawn in humans Background Research: 1162 can spawn in objects of something once lost however, losing something in the process. What about people. Hypothesis: People will probably come threw but may not be normal. However, could we use this to make clones of ourselves. Observations (What Happened During Test): I've have used 3 separate d class for this test each equipped with a go pro and a flashlight. Class d subjects were directed to climb into the hole and tell me what they find. At first it appeared to be mostly slime however, when i instructed them to think of a person that person appeared in the hole. By the time i got my last d class he told me Brad Pitt had scratch marks and Danny Devito was dead as well, but no sign of Elon Musk. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): In conclusion there is something within side of the hole that causes things to appear and maybe what was lost in return was human life. Further test is required. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------END LOG-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------