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  1. lol this was already accepted, unless SMT changed it on purpose its a bug report
  2. +/- support. While the idea sounds interesting, it would be pretty hard to implement. SMT would have to make their own addon which would take quite a lot of time. I also don't like the idea of D-Class getting better weapons then they already have, because if all of the donator ranks start getting AR's, gensec's player count is going to drop. I'm not sure how you think this suggestion is going to make riots happen less, if anything, the frequency and severity of riots while only increase. TL;DR: Sounds neat but would be hard to implement and annoying for gensec.
  3. I'd like to speak to your SCP Manager. (-support)
  4. What you want to see? - The removal of 066 and 527. Why should we add it? - These SCP's do nothing but get in the way of doors, minge, or swep spam (looking at you 066). They contribute very little to rp and are rarely used for tests (2.4% of the last 250 test were on 066 or 527). They have basically no purpose. What are the advantages of having this? - More immersion, less annoying scps, being able to walk through doors. Who is it mainly for? - LCZ Players. Links to any content - nope
  5. -support. would be a fuck ton of work to make multiple pocket dimensions and 106's pocket dimension is very hard to escape anyway. it doesn't need a buff.
  6. +/- support. Imo I don't think RIG's should be going "Kamikaze", but if they're escorting researchers they should be able to protect the researcher if they feel threatened. They are escorts after all. Also doesn't CI shoot RIG's if they have a weapon out?
  7. -support. This is your third post, your unknown in the community, it's quite clear you haven't read the staff handbook, you responded to your own app, don't have screenshot proof of your warns, and your app is mess.
  8. Blank

    Ci Branch Update

    -soup art too weak.
  9. +support obvious homophobia is obvious.