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  1. 1. Whats your in-game name and rank: MC RS SFC Luci 2: Whats your timezone?: EST 3: Whats your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:485316976 4: Why do you want to be a medical officer?: I want to be a medical officer in order to progress the ranks in medical. I wish to be able to assist medical in any way possible, and I feel like at my current rank of SFC i'm very limited in what I can do other than tryouts. As an officer, I would be able to host sims/promote/battalion checkups, and other fun activities. I think right now. Medical is overall lacking in a lot of areas. Even though I couldn't fix them on my own. I hope to be able to assist in the battalion and help it grow. 5: Whats your activity like on a scale from 1 to 10 I'd give it a 9. I'm on for a minimum of 1-2 hours a day 6: Why should you be a medical officer?: I am always on for at a minimum 1-2 hours each day. I am always contributing in any way I can, either by being active on researcher hoping to increase the rep of the battalion, or getting on everyday attempting to host at least 1-3 tryouts a day. I believe I show the ideal traits of an officer and hope to be a great role model for enlisted and NCO. 7: How well do you command other troopers?: I have very minimal experience in commanding troopers, but I am always willing to learn. I feel like my leadership skills are decent, but I do not know if that really correlates to ingame. 8: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: Even though i'm decently new to the battalion, I have a lot of love for medical. I would never drag medical through the mud and everything I do has good intentions. I'm very down to earth and overall would love to bring medical to a better place.
  2. +/-Support This will definitely benefit events, as of now. Most events feel like the same copy paste of going down to a planet/staying on a ship and shooting NPCs. With this, we'll be able to divide up the events and make the game more enjoyable. Many of the comments of the post are stating that the mod is abandoned and it results in low FPS, Multiple errors, And most if not all of the features are broken.
  3. 20$ paid by STEAM_0:1:485316976 Add the same steamid ingame name: luci
  4. I see that you can add a model, but im not sure if thats relative to changing the model, or if its just being able to switch models. Any help?
  5. -Support This is a little personal but from what I can remember RG keep killing people afking in bunks. I've been told its been reported to the VCMDRS and CMDRS multiple times and nothing has been done about it
  6. I really cant go into much detail into why Im doing it but its very personal and needed. I hate to do this when IF is at it's prime time but theres really no other way to do it. I know i didn't have much of an impact on the IMPRP community. But the community had a huge impact on me. And I just wanna say thank you to everything yall have done for me.
  7. +/- Support - Good Naval - Semi Active - Could be more active - Not a very detailed app Good Luck!
  8. Hes very active from what ive seen
  9. -Support Who are you? You did not read the staff guidelines fully Application has zero effort put into it
  10. +/- Support - Not enough playtime -Not very specific app (Why you want to be a GM, And why you should be trusted) + I see you on a lot + You seem mature Honestly, you havent played on the server long enough for people to know if you are trustworthy of the position. Your really jumping the gun. I would wait another week or 2 before applying for staff
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