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  1. Here is a link for my report: It took me all day to do it
  2. Name: Javier Herrera Rank: Assistant Researcher Steam ID: Link Activity: 7-9
  3. Lore Name: Javier Herrera Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 999 Question / Idea: How do different temperatures of fructose affect the behavior of SCP-999? Background Research: When SCP-999 is exposed to substances that contain high amounts of glucose(sugar) the SCP begins becoming active and happier. SCP-999 is composed of an unknown jelly-like substance. When not being under the effects of sugar SCP-999 is playful and social like a dog. Under no circumstance is SCP-999 allowed to consume caffeine as this would put it under a hyperactive state. See the research document below for information regarding the effects of sugar on SCP 999 Hypothesis: Like my previous hypothesis, I believe that we can use fructose at different temperatures to make SCP-999 incredibly active and positive. This could be used as I mentioned in my previous report we could use this to treat highly depressive and suicidal D-Class subjects, thus increasing their serviceable time Observations: After giving SCP-999 fructose at different temperatures: Room Temperature(20Cº), Frozen(-10º), Slush(0Cº) and Boiling(120Cº) it reacted positively. However, when we gave SCP-999 fructose that was warm it seemed to be in a more active and happier state, in addition to this, it started to produce a concord sound. When administering SCP-999 the colder mix of fructose it shrank significantly around 2cm or 0.15F and started producing a discord sound Analysis / Conclusion: In conclusion, fructose that is at a higher temperature will provide the most effective result as the fast speed of the fructose molecules will collide with the digestive enzymes of SCP-999. This then releases higher amounts of energy causing it to be in a more hyper and happy state Hypothesis Correct?: Yes, in fact, it seemed that SCP-999 reacted positively to warmer substances. Fructose and warmth are the best combinations to make SCP-999 happy and hyperactive. I recommend future testing on SCP-999 (after administering high amounts of warm fructose) with suicidal D-classes.
  4. Lore Name: Javier Herrera Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 049-2 Question / Idea: How do the muscles/bones of SCP-049-2 adapt/change to suit its needs? Background Research: SCP-049-2 is a reanimated instance of a dead body. SCP-049-2 has basic motor functions and basic response mechanics. Instances of SCP-049-2 don't seem to retain any memories. SCP-049-2 is extremely aggressive and will react with physical violence when SCP-049 is removed from the room Hypothesis: If we manage to understand the changes that SCP-049 does to SCP-049-2 we can use this to create a stronger security guard force. I believe that the substances that SCP-049 injects into SCP-049-2 contain a high amount of steroids capable of increasing drastically the muscle mass. I also believe that another substance that SCP-049 uses with its "patients" might contain high levels of calcium along with other mutagenic substances that speed muscle and bone growth Observations: After providing SCP-049 with a healthy D-Class he immediately started "curing" the subject. SCP-049 seems happy with the subject, remarking that "the patient seems to be in a good physical state. If we would have let more time pass the pestilence would have corrupted him". The new instance of SCP-49-2 had 1 extra arm attached, this arm came from SCP-049's bag. When being questioned what else there was inside the bag he didn't answer. SCP-049-2 seemed to maintain a humanoid form, however certain bones such as the: Femur, fibula, humerus, radius, and ulna suffered tumorous bone growths. The corresponding muscles of the affected bones also expanded, this provided SCP-049-2 with an increased damage endurance on the limbs along with a higher strength Analysis / Conclusion: After doing several tests on SCP-049-2's blood, in search of steroids or high amounts of calcium. The test was inconclusive. The growth of the limbs might be to prevent them from being torn off and resulting in the immobilization of SCP-049-2. There was no growth in the skull of SCP-049-2. It would be advised to keep an eye on the skull as the growth patterns seem to be random, altering from one subject to another. After the inspection SCP-049-2 was then terminated and cremated Hypothesis Correct?: The hypothesis was incorrect however we can provide help to SCP-049 in the way of providing him with more test subjects. This would allow us to see if there is a correlation between the growth in muscles and bones with the subjects. We should also try to obtain a diary from SCP-049, it might contain the name of the substances used. This could potentially allow us to refine them and use them in creating a super soldier Xray of SCP-049-2 humerus depicting a bone tumor
  5. Lore Name: Javier Herrera Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 999 Question / Idea: How do different tastes alter SCP-999 emotions? Background Research: SCP-999 seems to create euphoria around it. After coming in contact with SPC-999 patient seems to feel happy. This effect can last some hours before dissipating away. According to Addendum SCP-999A, caffeine must not be administered to SCP-999 due to it having negative effects (Hyperactivity) and after the effects are over SCP-999 becomes queasy Hypothesis: By exploiting the positive effects of certain flavors on SCP-999 one would be able to exploit this to its limit. By administering high levels of sugar SCP-999 would become more playful and positive, this can be used as therapy on D-Class personnel that have been subjected to traumatizing experiences, this would extend their serviceable time Observations: When providing SCP-999 with sour substances it shrank size significantly and caused the atmosphere around it to become tenser. After administering a spicy substance and touching SCP-999 one could fill passionate. Cold substances make SCP-999 shrink and change to a blueish color Analysis / Conclusion: It is suspected that glucose molecules might be a catalyst in SCP-999's digestion. Speeding this process would mean a higher amount of energy is released into SCP-999 resulting in a more active state of mind. This can be seen in Addendum SCP-999A when caffeine and glucose overloaded SCP-999 causing it to be in a hyperactive state. I recommend re-doing the experiment at a later date with a more concentrated amount of substances at different temperatures. I.e: Fructose at 50Fº Hypothesis Correct?: It was correct, we have seen the positive effects of substances with a lot of glucose in SCP-999 if further experimentation is done we might be able to administer SCP-999 with a highly concentrated amount of Glucose that is near boiling point. This shows the limitless potential of SCP-999 "I recommend the usage of Sucrose due to its high levels of CH2OH" JR Javier Herrera