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  1. + Support ( no on better to be a Vice) -Honestly the Best command i have had in a long time -Deserves this 100% -Is a great leader and is never inactive -Great role model and has great ways to prevent mingery
  2. +1 Support -is very addiment about making sts better -I have seen him lead the St before and never is mingy about it and always try to play when available *also add a poll for yes or no*
  3. 1. Whats you're in-game name?: ST BCM 1SG Silver 2261 2. What's your steam id?: STEAM_0:1:511942204 3. Did you read the ST Sop?: yes I did front to back 4. How long have you been on the server: About 120ish hours almost at 6 days 5. How many warns do you have?: None and never has had any 6. Why do you want to be a 2LT: I feel as a 2LT I can further the regiment by keeping the mingy sts in line while making a fun and welcoming environment for the Sts that truly want to Rp and have a good time on GL. In addition i feel that we do indead need some more Officers due to Both Void and Monaco leaving so i feel that i have stuck with sts and i also feel i am ready to be put up to the task of being a 2LT and leading this battalion to greatness 7. What Timezone are you?: Normal EST coastal time zone 8. How well do you command this Regiment?: Whenever either Max Josh or Dagger is not on I take charge and try to round up the Sts to keep them engaged as to limit their time minging as well as commanding the entire Battalion on early morning events when most sts command is not on. I can give and example this was when bot me and max was both NCOs togethor and we raided a planet and i was in charge of securing an area and i got my entire group with minimal orders to form up and secure the hole area with breaching preceures 9. What makes you stand out from other applicants?: What makes me stand out is that I will do whatever it takes to ensure there is peace and order within the Sts i will lead them to battle aswell as protect my High officers as a beta company member.
  4. o7 Good bye friend thanks for always staying with me in STs and pushing me to almost officer its sad to see you go see you around friend i hope to to work with you again sometime