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  1. +Support instant uncuff by tranq and it's not even in the SOP for using it tactically. He kinda admit to using it i guess...
  2. Get well soon.
  3. Name: FancyPants Rank & Callsign: SGM XB5 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:39129706 Discord: Chocoloco#1841 Divisions: Hotshot, Sawbones, Longshot Activity: 7/10 ----> 4/10 (Because i'm no longer a vampire) Normal timezone for me is SGT. Also i will be spending alittle more time on MTF life. Suggestions: Nothing.
  4. +Support That's a big oof... i suggests having a video or another mini game on standby and playing/watching those when your waiting NLR.
  5. -Support Gensec is suppose to be weaker than MTF/E11/Omni. Why else is there are requirement to get into MTF from CPL+ when Gensec is gonna be the same or more effective than MTFs. Gensec can one shot class D now with their sniper/shotgun how is this fair for class D to even try escaping themselves without the help from CC/CI. Gensec also have a med/tech station next to them at upper D block for survival.
  6. +Support Armorkit is good as long as it has the same rule applied to combat heal.
  7. +/- Support Motd override any SOP rules.
  8. FancyPants

    Inaccurate NLR

    That's a...weird reason since everyone can abuse that if so. A dead Gensec SGT can simply switch to Riot control and avoid the NLR then. Since it's a different job.
  9. Name: FancyPants Rank: SGT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:39129706 Discord: Chocoloco#1841 SubBranches(s): Hotshot, Sawbone Things you wanna see in CI: More weapon variety for the subs. (Like how hotshot is so weak at long range) Activity: Active Why should you keep your position?{COMMAND ONLY}: N/A
  10. Name : FancyPants Branch(es) : Janitorial, Technical Rank(s) : Containment Cleaner, Jr Tech How would you rate your activity? 9 Why you should keep your position (Command Only, 100 word minimum): N/A Any changes you would like to see: Fixes for the incinerator. Sewer trash refresh takes a questionable long time to fill up again. Any notes or questions: N/A