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  1. Im so glad this didnt turn into a brown nosing thread
  2. -support 40 warn bans are not eligible for appeal, you had 40+ chances to correct your behavior and you failed to do so.
  3. comply with staff next time then
  4. +Support I've had many unpleasant experiences with this kid and he clearly needs a break from the server in my opinion...
  5. Sorry bud but this app is the same quality as your Lieutenant app. You gotta work on making these a bit more professional. -support
  6. -support Haven't been impressed with how he behaves on the server toward other players and staff so I'm gonna have to agree with frog
  7. -support for voting yes on your own poll...
  8. You're appealing an unban? Ok approved. you're still banned
  9. Ive had this happen to me, I've spawned below the map as well. I think like SupremeChow said its just the spawn being too full, not sure how else we could fix that other than varying citizen/crim spawn points
  10. +Support Anything to decrease the constant abuse of the mug system for RDM.
  11. -support for reasons above and voting yes on your own application is a bad look lol
  12. Lesharkie

    Killer's LOA

    I'm assuming you mean 6/16 to 6/24 lol anyway have fun with other games man