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  1. I recommend reading the file and re-reading my suggestion as they both include all the information you need. However, to summarize it briefly, the SCPs will have to stay cloaked unless testing is being conducted that involves SCP-178 or if they are attacking an individual. This is one of the only ways that the SCP will work in the server as an exciting, playable SCP.
  2. Yeah I’d have to agree. Recently I’ve thought of an addition of a ventilation/air duct system that the D Class could possibly use to get a head start at escaping. Seeing as this is a pretty similar idea, it’s gonna be a solid +support from me.
  3. -good app -great member of the community -dedicated
  4. Additionally, I have never seen you on the server. We get a lot of Researchers in D Block, but I can guarantee that I’ve never seen you in my experience.
  5. +Support This branch update will benefit Security greatly.
  6. -support Considering the tendency of CI to maintain a strong position in armory, giving an Armorkit to one of the most played subclasses would likely cause near absolute unstoppability to CI during their raids. Overall, I would say +/-support leaning towards minus. This branch update is very clearly attempting to buff most of not all CI classes being changed in the update, and provides barely any fairness to other branches. Some bits of the branch update are balanced as CI is occasionally heavily outnumbered, but most of it seems simply one-sided. I’m not looking for an argument, I am simply stating my opinion. I’m also going to bring up the fact that you are attempting to put the Barret M82 on a job that is for I believe PFC+ (I’ve only heard this, I haven’t confirmed this). For those of you who do not know, the Barret M82 is a sniper rifle that was recently buffed. There have been many complaints of it being on the Security Sniper job—a job only for SFC+—and even a forums post to remove it from Security. I think it is fair for the 5th Security rank to retain the sniper if CI is going to be receiving the sniper for the 3rd rank. What I’m trying to get at is that either both branches should have it or no one should. Mind you, Security SFC+ are finally now using the Sniper class—a class hardly used before the buff—and some people want to take that away.
  7. -support Considering the amount of problems that you have caused within the server, I do not think that you are nearly ready for the responsibility of being an ACM. Almost all of my experiences with you have been bad, and I truly don’t think your demeanor would be a good fit for ACM. Activity could also be worked on.