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  1. Wow, okay. Might want to think a bit more before you say things like that. Thank you Zeus!^
  2. As his HOS, and former OM3, I can confidently say that he will do great as a member of RRH. Good luck, buddy.
  3. Thank you for your time in Security. See you around, brother.
  4. CreameyCheesey


    How do I go into the vent like Rektify did
  5. This is the person that both me and GLaDOS wanted to take our place. +support
  6. If the gate was removed, nonstop hoards of D Class could simply repeatedly come back down and damage Security. If they were not a Custom Class, they could easily take out a lot of Security by, lets say shooting them with a falcon, dying, and then immediately coming back to do it again. Doesnโ€™t seem too fair.
  7. Let me begin by apologizing. I am sorry that I was only in this position for 12 days. I am sorry that I could not maintain my activity and continue being a role model. It may seem like I am simply abandoning the Inquisitors, and I am sorry if things go slightly more downhill because of this, but there are many factors as to why I am resigning. I have too much schoolwork and hobbies to maintain, while I also have a department head position on SCP-RP. I am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to take up this position. I am glad that I was 1 of the 2 people who initially launched the Sith Inquisitors. I am even more grateful that I got to work with the rest of command to give JvS a proper launch by preparing all of our respective branches. For reserves, I leave that to Pentagon and Beckett. Give me the reserves that you think I deserve, I will not pester you about it. Honorable Mentions: GLaDOS: I genuinely could not have asked for a better partner to launch the Sith Inquisition with. See you around on SCP-RP! (GLaDOS FOR AHOR!) Kami: She deserves either The Grand Inquisitor or Darth Thanaton. She will lead the branch well and steer it in the right direction. Good luck with everything, Kami. Thank you for helping GLaDOS and I. Bael: He deserves a command position too. His activity is unmatchable. Drip: Very good Inquisitor. Needs to be ranked up a couple times. Pentagon: You were a fantastic guy to work with. Sorry that I let you down. Good luck on everything. I hope to see you around. To All Inquisitors: You guys are the COOLEST branch ever! Keep doing your thing guys. All of you have great potential. Beckett: A fantastic and dedicated Manager. I cannot thank you enough for giving me this chance. I'm sorry to let you down. Keep up your good work. Frost: Pretty funny dude, I hope to see you around. Come back to SCP-RP and give me a gauss cannon again. To Everyone Else: I love you all! Thank you for making the server a fun and exciting place. I hope to see you all around.
  8. Foundation General Security Informational Security Website Important Documents: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Security Wardens (SOP) Foundation Roster NCO Guide Security Stationing & Patrol Guide SCP Recontainment Guide Branch Relation and Authority Guide (B.R.A.G) TeamSpeak Set-up Guide (CPL+) Security Forms: Strike Appeal Form Blacklist Appeal Form Promotion Request Form (CPL+) GENSEC Anonymous Report/Complaint Form
  9. +support -active on staff, takes sits often -friendly attitude -knows how to handle issues -yes