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  1. - Support Be a habit or not, threatening to DDOS someone or the server is foolish.
  2. Denied Failure to meet the Rank requirement.
  3. - Accepted - Speak to your Sovereign
  4. Accepted - Speak With a MCMDR+ Even though you don't have the full support of the others, me & the Emperor have faith. Begin acting more serious though.
  5. Denied - The Position has been Filled I Wish you luck on future Applications!
  6. - Denied - Literally 0 Effort As well as the Position has been Filled
  7. Hardest is definitely IF The funniest tryout I experienced is when I had to kill Thrawn during my Shadow Guard Officer tryout.
  8. Nods You have served the Empire well.
  9. + Support - Nice guy - Amazing Application - Nice & detailed events