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  1. In Game Name: Perkele Rank: Lead Researcher well it was good while it lasted, but because of my sudden lack of test ideas and me wanting to focus more on event team i have decided to leave research, i wish the best of luck to the people who helped me get all the way here, some day i might go back to research if i feel like it. Now without dragging this on any longer, bye.
  2. need the whitelist but i hope we can maintain this server (mc name: Perkele5000)
  3. +support -active -part of command -gives good explanation of why we should whitelist him good luck
  4. +support -achieved highest rank below command -professional during tests -been with us for a long time
  5. +support -is part of command -gives good explanation of why we should whitelist him good luck
  6. +support -Is on almost every day -does a great job in research -is in military classes in game good luck
  7. Full Name (Lore Name):Perkele Occupation(Rank):Lead Researcher Requested Name(i.e RIG Unit [Number] [Name]): R.I.G Unit 5000 Wilson Who gave you permission to apply?: Research Supervisors Brigand & Trevdec Why should the foundation authorize your requested unit? (80 word minimum): I am requesting a R.I.G unit so that I and other researchers (mainly during dead hours) could test on SCP's without having to request gensec or MTF escorts since with the R.I.G these branches will be able to focus on ci raids and d class riots. and not let us researchers waiting for the raid or riot to be over. also, this unit will help during tests such as SCP-049 and SCP-1245-2 by making them obey orders utilizing fear-rp.
  8. +support Yes it may boost gensec but they will need to go to medbay to get that armor making it easier for dclass to riot and to be honest dclass need to have some fun too
  9. -support Love you beepis but you have only been on research for about 2 and a half weeks also thid is a 05 aplication so you should probably talk a bit more of why they should let you in.
  10. Simple Door to go out is opened but if he does its failrp and he gets warned (verbaly or not verbaly) he will just have to wait his breach timer then he can go out + that is enought time for someone to close the doors leading the way out
  11. Applicant's Name : Perkele. Perkele has been transferred to site 05's research division roughly 1 and a half months ago and seems to rather like conducting tests on biological hazards such as SCP-008 and SCP-049, it is not known for sure why he has such a peculiar choice of SCPs but as long as he gets the job done that should not matter. However, when we found out an unknown anomalous disease was infecting site [REDACTED]'s personnel we sent him out to bring the infected to site 05 to maybe try to find a cure for it not involving using SCP-500. You have been granted clearance to recruit personnel of any department (that are of level 3 clearance) to assist in your operation, in an effort to diversify the plan. Describe the team you would assemble, as well as your plan to capture the anomaly: When requested to do this he accepted it on one condition, all of his escorts (2 Nu7, and 2 E11) to have flamethrowers in case the infected found a way to escape his containment, not sure how that would affect the outcome we agreed to his condition and proceeded to send him out. When he found himself at site [REDACTED]'s entrance he pulled out of his briefcase 5 heat-resistant hazmat suits and proceeded to tell his escorts to “blast every infected they see trying to attack them and capture the ones not” in the end he got 5 infected personnel captured, and he proceeded to conduct tests on the site's lab. After successfully executing your plan, you now have the anomaly in your custody. But despite the successful operation, you are then ambushed by a trio of CI, who demand the captured anomaly. How will you defuse the situation?: However, while in the lab 3 Chaos Insurgency operators ambushed him and his team and demanded the infected personnel to be handed over to them, the CI were outnumbered and were pretty much terminated except 1 of them which was captured and used to see the spreading speed of the virus he became infected in 30 minutes and was terminated because there was a risk the CI could track the team back to site 05 on the way back. After temporarily securing the anomaly into containment, you have been trusted to design its containment procedures. What is your plan to secure this anomaly?: When requested to design this anomaly's containment chamber and the containment procedure he responded "just don't make it that different from 217 cc" and proceeded to basically make a mix with 008 containment and 217 the virus was discovered to be transmitted through physical contact so the infected people were to be kept inside a humanoid Keter containment cell as for the virus (a pool of infected blood) is to be kept in a separate room of the same containment. quite a short application but still i wish anyone reading this apreciates it.