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  1. +/- support + has experience + was BCL - is not active in ST's My only problem is your activeness, we are looking for officers like you but also active officers. Other than that, you would be great. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ST VCMDR Conner
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ST VCMDR Conner
  3. + Support - Great Guy - Handles ST's well - Deals with minges well - Trustworthy - One of the best officers in ST's ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ST VCMDR Conner
  4. XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD good luck when a spot opens. Nice app too. ~INSERT GAMINGLIGHT LOVE ICON HERE~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ST SCTAL LTC Conner
  5. +/- Support Could use some work in some sections of the application Could use some work on the downing the minging if he's getting Second Sister Believe he has the potential of being IQ Command Active
  6. Dude, you were the best VCMDR. I hope things wont get dull without you in st's. Thank you for wishing me good luck on VCMDR I did not expect to be mentioned. ST'S will miss you, I will miss you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Never would have got to MAJ without you. ST SCTAL MAJ Conner
  7. +Support +He patrols LOTS +ST's like him and follow his orders +An Obedient Soldier +Amazing Application ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ST SCTAL CPT Conner