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  1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name): Nova Vice Commander Galaxy NT02 Why do you want to become the position of Marshal Commander?: There are many reason I wish to receive the rank of Marshal Commander. #1. I believe I could bring lasting changes to army that would positively affect all army battalions. #2. I believe army has a strong command team between all army battalions and would love to work with them all. #3. As weird as it may sound I quite enjoy working on documents such as SOP's Tryout Doc's ETC and would gladly help any army battalion rework or fix their documents. Also, I personally believe I'm quite good at formatting documents. #4. I have enjoyed my time in nova but I believe I am ready for something great and believe I would be a great asset to the army high command team. What is the biggest thing you would bring to Army High Command?: There are a couple of things that I would consider the "biggest thing" I could bring to Army High Command #1. - I have a few idea for each battalion that would greatly and positively affect each of them. These ideas consist of simple changes to new sub-classes or sub-class reworks that would help the battalion. I also believe I could assist any army battalion in gaining members. #2. - I believe I am very well known in the community. I also try to keep a friendly relationship with everyone on the server as I believe it is important for someone who is expected to lead in RP to be well known in the community and friendly. I also am also happy to help anyone whether they're a private or a commander. #3. - Since I came back to the server I have been dedicated to nova. It has always been my primary life and rarely do I have a second life. I will be dedicated to army as a whole and work my hardest to make lasting changes to army as whole. What is the purpose of a Marshal Commander?: Marshal Commanders have many purposes in their role. #1. - Marshal Commander are expected to lead in an roleplay perspective. Whether it be during an event or day to day activities. #2. - Lower ranking troopers look up to members of high command and Marshal Commander should act professional as people see them as role models. #3. - Every month all member of army high command are assigned to a battalion for the whole month. During this time they are expected to work with the command team of that respective battalion in making any necessary changes ranging from reworking documents or reworking jobs. Sometimes they battalion may be in a good place and not need any changes but this doesn't mean the Marshal Commander can just ignore the battalion they should still work with the command team in making sure the battalions activity stays up. Why should we trust you to be Army High Command?: I would say there are a few reason I personally believe I can be trusted with Army High Command #1. - I have been in a command position twice, Ninth Sister two years ago and now Nova Vice Commander. When in both of these command positions and while moving up to those command ranks I have only ever received one strike and that was for failure to meet quota. I believe this shows I can be trusted with a command positions. #2. - I believe I have proven that I am willing to sacrifice to help with improving a battalion as I spent money out of my own pocket to get nova an update they so desperately needed. #3. - I am achieved the rank of Admin in the staff team which hold a I lot of power and I believe this shows I can be trusted with a good amount of power. I also believe and this shows I want to help make the server the best it can be. As a high ranking staff member and member of army high command I can help make necessary changes the benefit everyone. How often can you be active in-game?: All Depends On My Work Schedule Wednesday-Saturday - 4-8 Hours Sunday-Tuesday - 12-20 Hours Do you have any Warnings? (What for?): RDM FailRP FailRP RDM LTAP | RDM MRDM ARDM | FailRP RDM Thank You For Reading
  2. -Support Poor Application Haven't Seen You Around Much [May Be Due To Timezone]
  3. GaIaxy


    Bon Jovi My Lord
  4. MEGA +SUPPORT - Active - Dedicated To DT - Professional - Wonderful Application
  5. +Support Great Application Active In The Community Very Detailed Answers To Questions 15 And 16.
  6. During the whole event I was constantly getting shot by people for no reason. I thought I saw shots come from behind me and so I believed you were shooting me and I was annoying at that point cause I had been dealing with friendly fire all event. I apologies for killing you when you did nothing wrong.
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