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  1. Oh God..................... I'm contacting the UN. I was forced to 'consent'. Clef I swear you'll pay. (but like on god that was fire you know, if someone wants to send that to like American Idol or something be my guest )
  2. -SUPPORT -a pk...really... those are used for punishments not for rp -this is weirdly worded, rule one states that it MUST BE A D-CLASS, but rule 3 basically says or it cant be like you can't say it must and then change it to it doesn't have to be
  3. -SUPPORT while I believed lore should be followed, it should only happen to a point because the addition of this role would kill 098 because it would never get played due to the only action it getting in research giving them tests (and what research every thinks to go with 098)
  4. + Support -clarifies rules -easy to do -no real problems/cons
  5. ^exactly what i was thinking
  6. +Support but one problem..... how would 096 be able to attack personnel that fails to bag him? would they just force themselves to look at him or what? besides that, I think this would be a great addition to the game
  7. +support I see him on quite regularly, he is also very chill and app seems to be quite in detail and well writen
  8. +support This makes a lot of sense