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  1. +Support! -Extremely active I personally see in game a lot -Never had a problem with you and you seem friendly so there is that -Overall pretty chill so i believe yes you could be a good staff member! Good Luck!
  2. -Support -I have genuinely no idea of who you are and I am on 11am - 3am every day and have never seen you in game -The application is okay but nothing special -I recommend you become more familiar with the community before applying
  3. +Support Nice chill guy very mature from what the purge tell me he's a good leader Good Luck!
  4. +support not really much to say, amazing evidence and 100% deserving of a ban.
  5. +SUPPORT! -Phoenix is so nice and has only given me a good experience when he is on the server -Just wants to help out the server -Overall just a good guy -app could be better Overall i think that you deserve this position phoenix you are hard working and genuinely just wants to help the community and i think you will have learned from your previous mistakes.
  6. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : The Eighth Brother (Smeg) 2. What Regiment are you applying for? inquisitorius as the Grand Inquisitor. 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch?: As the most senior member of the IQ command team I have seen IQ's many stages of glory and been with it through its most troubling of times. I have always set the Inquisitorius as my primary regiment and everything I have ever done in it is to allow IQ to become the best it can possibly be. I have lead IQ with passion and strength for a very long time now and have created unbreakable bonds between both the command team and our members. I have united the community, increasing communications between everyone in the regiment and have supported those going through troubling times and allowed them to shine in glory once again. There is nothing I want more than for the Inquisition to prevail and dominate all foes and challenges we encounter and to raise the best regiment this server has ever seen. With both the old and current command team I consistently manage to maintain my place and responsibilities allowing other people to demonstrate their skills and always being the foundation of support with my members knowing they can fall back and allow me to carry them at any given time. Currently I have performed flawlessly in IQ and don't believe I have made any mistakes yet and both myself and Nikita (Second Sister) appointed quite possibly the most competent command team this regiment has ever seen! (Huge thanks to you Brody Civility Boris and of course Nikita, you have put extreme dedication and I honestly couldn't thank you any more!) Using this command team we have been able to significantly increase both the quality and activity of the regiment and as we stand here strong things will only become greater for IQ and that I can assure you of. Me and Nikita decided that the old command team was missing something, the old command team was not doing enough events (Sims,Dueling sessions, Lore sessions ect.). On average 3 events were performed every week, as of now and the changes we have made we average from 20+ a week. The changed I can make and the impact on other people and community's can be seen as astonishing and although most of my work remains in the shadows the impact they have and the effort I put into everything I do is impeccable. Probably the biggest change people will have notices is the extreme increase in activity, IQ CMND and IQ in general is more active than it has ever been and that is because of a good work ethic and motivation we provide to our members and each other in the command. As I mentioned I live and breathe for this regiment it is and always be my primary goal for the regiment and the main reason for me wanting this position is to be allowed to go that extra mile with a high command position. Eventually me and Nikita thought our work was flawless and we began incorporating IQ with other regiments. This was around the time IQ was allowed to become regimental but we started hosting simulations with other regiments creating a strong image for everyone all over the server to see. My final reason for wanting to become the Grand Inquisitor is because it gives IQ the final piece to the puzzle. We have a command in order and one thing we notice is we have many disagreements and although we come together as a democracy we lack a higher figure other than Vader so to complete our masterpiece of a regiment we have build from the ground and carried tirelessly we need the final support of one leader to rule them all, then my goal is complete,and IQ will have a capable grand leader for time to come and we will be forever strong. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I assume i have 3+ weeks and trust me it will get a LOT longer. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? As a commander of a branch firstly you must enforce discipline, without discipline the members in your branch will remain untrained, unmotivated and most importantly will have no respect for you being their superior. Enforcing discipline is vital to running a successful branch as it ensures everything can be kept in order, that no one will act out of line and proves maturity and that said individual is capable of growing and becoming a greater leader them self's. Moving into more detail at times a commander has to be able to control their members in the most dire situations and stop any sort of argument and malicious behaviour between both people inside their own regiment and others and then punish them accordingly. A commander should use their higher ups to alleviate some pressure put on them and allow them to experiment carrying some weight on their own but ultimately being there for their officers and helping them become better and being that main person to fall back on that can be counted on to carry a regiment to glory at any given time. A commander should be driven towards their regiment and do anything they can and invest all of their time and effort into that regiment helping it reach its maximum potential. Finally a commander has to be the guiding light that makes all of the members of that regiment should aspire to be, this includes being a main role model and behaving appropriately consistently. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I Should be trusted in this position because of the fact I am the most senior member of IQ. I have held my position extremely well and survived being removed from the last command due to me being trusted and competence. I have never betrayed any trust that has been given to me and never will, and overall have never abused my position. I can promise you now in any position i ever receive i will never betray any trust or responsibilities ever given to me. On top of all of this the time i have constantly dedicated to gaminglight and hours I manage to put in every single day I feel also display's why I should be trusted in such a prestigious position. Finally I should be trusted because i put everything into IQ, weather that be me being on standby to help people or simply going the extra mile and making sure IQ is kept perfect. 7. How often can you be Online? : Every day for 4+ hours is GUARENTEED but usually 7+ hours 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : No warnings at all and will never intend to get one.
  7. MAJOR MAJOR +SUPPORT From my time on imperial RP i have never once had an issue with luci, he performs exceptionally well consistently in Purge and can be seen as a very good leader at all times. In my opinion he deserves this position GREATLY as it is apparent of his dedication and time he puts in! GOOD LUCK LUCI !!!!!!
  8. + and - support Remove healing in my opinion is 100% right and that would work very well as we cant run away and heal without a medical. Damage does not need to be reduced, the event character's health needs to be increased and actually experienced lightsaber users should be playing the role of jedi in these events as the IQ are taught very well how to duel and even if we did less damage these jedi would still be decimated due to most jedi in events lack of experience. RG do not need a nerf at all they are completely balanced as soon as you take away the heal but may i suggest they update their SOP so in battle they don't go charging out attacking troopers they should be still guarding a VIP they are NOT inquisitors and i have seen them try to hunt jedi often and yes that is a problem. We could also talk about IQ prioritising jedi over the regular rebel troopers in events leaving the troopers having to deal with those whilst the IQ hunt down the jedi. OVERALL- Remove healing leave only the ability where you can heal other people,Dont nerf RG just make sure they arnt hunting jedi or charging into battle without protecting a V.I.P, damage dosn't need nerfing maybe a slight increase in event character health but use better lightsaber users as the jedi in events.