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  1. +support great application Very positive attitude
  2. +support I would love to see more RP Situations with CC's
  3. +support The rework of the model looks cool.
  4. Ze Blightcaller

    Ban Appeal

    +/-support you shouldn't be saying stuff harsh words to people even if its about a players family member. I checked the logs and contacted a staff member to make sure what I was doing was right. The player making the report said it was 912 and no job changes were made from that point.
  5. +support Don't really know him personally but from around the server he seems to have a good reputation so I'll Support
  6. The end is near my friends
  7. +support no warns behavior is normal well done active
  8. +support The Idea may sound stupid but in the long term there's not a lot of level 4 clearance areas and keypads but it could be used for decorative and RP reasons.