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  1. Ingame Name: APE Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:485925174 Job Name: D-7025 Gun Change: tfa_contender for tfa_winchester73 ($10)- Paid By STEAM_0:0:485925174
  2. APE

    Security CCs.

    Anyone can get a cc. OPSF and OPRF are inactive with one active command member between the two of them. There are multiple non command ccs.
  3. APE

    Security CCs.

    Saying that without security CC's, CI can very well destroy gensec? That's under confidence in my own branch, rather than cockiness. You are acting as if me saying that security CCs pose a challenge to CI is a "cocky thing". It simply isn't lol, any cc is a big player in combat situations, so it would stand to reason that more CC's=harder fight. Not stretching the line there. Thanks for the confirmation Gio, I +Support the nlr increase, since I never had an issue with that since the beginning. Though my stance remains on the ability to enter HCZ. I appreciate the civil discourse Skela lol, nhf if you got offended by my confidence in my branch. When big changes like this are posed, I want what is best for my branch, though I am not deaf to reason obviously. Only issue is that some SEC CC's are RCF CC's.
  4. APE

    Security CCs.

    Yeah no, If it was just NLR I would plus support. But since it wasn't specifically stated whether or not it was an either or thing, I have to minus support until its confirmed that they are separate.
  5. APE

    Security CCs.

    I never mentioned having any opposition to the nlr getting increased, I would not mind if it did. It is the HCZ I have an issue with lol
  6. APE

    Security CCs.

    Nothing cocky about it. I have been hearing so many complaints about new gensec ccs from CI. Security are getting better and that's a fact. I am saying that even if we aren't permitted to go into HCZ anymore, which is obviously a huge benefit for CI, the outcome wont change. Security would still be annoying as hell to get through. CI absolutely rams security right where it hurts when our CCs are offline lol, we all know that to be true. Everyone complains about our cc's when any other cc can get the same weapons and armor. You don't want security to do mtfs job, but others besides you have stated why they believe this suggestion should be accepted. So I addressed their complaints as well. Despite the hardy tone of my writing, It isn't my intention to give off any bravado. You are right when implying that it is not just about CI, but I myself chose to comment on why I believe CI's arguments don't sit right with me. I chose to address how this post relates to CI rather than any of the other branches. I could have given my opinion on why I don't support the reasons those not in CI are giving, but I decided not too because in a post that relates to the roles of multiple branches, I think it is safe to comment on whichever branches arguments I would like to oppose.
  7. APE

    Security CCs.

    -Support You guys are insane. If our CC's are stronger than CI CC's, that is NOT OUR PROBLEM. We all have access to the same exact stuff, you cant complain when you are able to get all that we have. Some security CC's already are RCF CCS because they paid for it and bought the tranq. People paid the price, and they deserve what THEY SPENT THEIR MONEY ON. Security becoming an issue for CI? Good, we aren't meant to be ploughed through. Is this what happens when security starts to be competent and proficient in CI engagements? Disappointing. We paid the price, same as anyone else. Instead of whining about a roadblock, adapt and overcome. Even if you don't allow these people to go in HCZ, we will still wait for you at both checkpoints. You will get the same exact outcome as you would when encountering security in HCZ, except you will encounter us at CP instead of HCZ halls.
  8. For all you people siding with the dclass here. I play a lot of dclass. I am part of a dclass CC that has undergone many many nerfs, including getting our molotovs getting taken away. However I am also security, and this suggestion? Is beneficial to literally both dclass and sec. dclass can actually use the barricades against security like they use to, and security doesn’t have to get rammed by a keter in LCZ. I don’t see how being able to literally spawncamp gensec using their own barricades is a nerf and or debuff? Also If you don’t have a dclass CC, I have no clue what nerfs you are referencing. FAT +Support Your case, though rested, is terrible? lol. I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. What was nerfed? I’d like to know, as someone who is heavily involved in the dclass community, tell me what you’re talking about? Are you unable to see how much this would benefit us? NO MORE ENLISTED GOING TO CLEAR OUT ARMORY. Dclass can use gensecs own barricades against them. Knives weren’t a dclass weapon, and the TitanFall guns were never meant to be good, and our dclass CCs still have better killing capability than most gensec. We have way better pistol weaponry than the past, and our smoke grenades are fixed. All in all, you will never be that successful as dclass if you are what, a pro with a falcon? Name one time you see a pro with a falcon taking over DBlock. No, dclass strength lies within our numbers, and our CCS that initiate the rebellion and push the riots. Our CCs are fine, so I think you are honestly just pulling this out of the deepest chasms of your mind in order to spite security for your own failures in combating security as dclass. Ask any dclass CC how many sec they kill a day, it’s a lot. Dclass have always struggled to maintain strong weapons, but this change is not nerfing dclass. It’s giving us a better vantage point to deal with incoming security.
  9. APE

    Poptarts Resignation

    -Support cmon man, ya really had to do it to em? Oh well. gg lol
  10. APE


    This man is most scrumptious, ‘tis a shame to see him depart so early.
  11. Name: APE Rank: 1LT Current FTO Rank: FTO Current RCF Rank: RCF Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): I am very active on the server and play on security as command for the vast majority of my time while online. Command in no way is stressful for me and I enjoy being in a position that I spent months working for. As command, I enjoy teaching and instructing security, ensuring that they enjoy their time on this branch. My favorite part of security branch as a whole is the thrill of leading people into combat against hostile targets, and coming out on top of the enemy. I often find myself being the one standing alone in dblock during riots and mass fighting, allowing security to come back and restore balance in dblock. I don't push lower ranks too hard, but I do enforce the rules and don't let repetitive bull go on for too long. I have done my part in promoting those who do well and deserve it. That's about all I have to say for my ted talk, Enjoy the read HOS. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: n/a
  12. APE

    Gensec CC NLR - Denied

    -support Gensec, unlike non foundation. Is always fighting enemies, dclass are always rioting and they are always dealing with them. All because you got killed by a gensec cc who has a minute less nlr, doesn't give you a good reason to try and lower their nlr. There are 3 gensec ccs, and only one of them is active an has members. They have to deal with both dclass and ci, and when CI invade, dclass get out. Making the threat huge for them. There are literally such a miniscule about of active gensec that have a cc. Even then, jugg only has a bit less health and armor than them, and heavy only a tiny bit more than that. This is pointless and just nitpicking because a couple gensec ccs happened to be on and caused an issue for your squad. All three gensec ccs are command only, and now we dont have any of the command that used to own them online since they all resigned. Give gensec a break once and a while.
  13. +support They all sound good to me. 1 minute may not be a lot, but those ccs aren't armored like the vast majority of foundation combat personnel. With all the branch updates and upgraded weaponry, I think this would be a welcome change to the dclass, who make up the servers majority. I would make something more about the brute though, because that seems to me like a weaker option than the pro dclass.
  14. +support Would be a cool change