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  1. So what’s the situation lol. If y’all are still talking about it, it’s fine. Just want to know if our fight is a done deal or not lmaoo
  2. Ummm yeah. The bribe wasn’t a bribe? As nothing was exchanged and it was a joke?? I’m allowed to advertise it, therefore it shows people where to go to find it on the forums and also lets forum users know that there is an option to do so if they choose to read and support it. Costco agreed with me on everything and I asked him to +support it, he was away from his computer and I told him to get up and do it. Nothing was exchanged between the two of us besides words lmao, there was no product. You’re trynna make it seem like I did something wrong by joking around about giving him diving knives if he hurried up and Got off his butt lmao. But like, nice try? Don’t know what you wanted to get out of that. I know that sherlock and Watson are cool and all, but making it seem like someone was actually compensated for this is a foul way to try and cosplay as them. Anyone who thinks that someone would pay them to get off the couch and walk to their computer to do something they would do in time, needs to get a better idea of realism.
  3. Lmao, mb. It was a bit jumbled. I’m saying that when referring to enlisted and such, the hammer is so over hyped and made such a big deal of that even if it is weaker, they’ll still ask for another nerf.
  4. Stabby is a player who dedicated himself to the server and does a good job holding power positions in Gensec. However he has only been here for a little over a month. He is perfect for a moderator role, but I think he should just spend more time here and get to know the community in and out.
  5. What makes me confused is that if this somehow manages to pass. Let’s say it becomes like the scythe. Nobody complains about scythe anymore, not at all. Just because it looks like the hammer, folks will whine. If it gets boosted to do as much as the bat, which it should be considering it’s a SLEDGEHAMMER and you can buy the bat at anytime, whilst this item was limited. People will still complain even though it would be a bat with a hammer skin lol. It’s all meaningless hate if that happens.
  6. Once again dude. We aren’t making it what it used to be. It used to be able to one shot enlisted. We are suggesting that either we make it as fast as the scythe, which is a stronger weapon, or increase its damage enough that it will not one hit an officer, but still pack more of a punch than 80. As it’s a sledgehammer and does 80 damage, compared to the bat which does 120. I’ll say it again, the bat is also a two shot weapon, and that’s what we’re planning to make the hammer. What is there to object to? We’re making a weapon that cost more than the bat, do the same as the bat.
  7. But you aren’t a current security anymore. So you wouldn’t know Jack about the current state of DBLOCK. If you took the time to read, you’d notice several Security command including Majors and Captains, as well as 5 Sargent Majors all in support of changing the hammer. The fact that so many security with strong power in their branch support a change is proof enough against the “security bane” argument. Please Dont tell anyone to “not support this”. That gets in the way of true discussion about the issues people have regarding this collectible because everything you said is senseless and doesn’t relate to the ongoing debate at all. Even the MTF command is plus supporting this, get real. “It was our bane” lmao, ok. We aren’t making the hammer as good as it used to. If anything it will be the same as scythe, or be a 2 shot on enlisted just like the bat. Sorry for my harshness, but it annoys me when people don’t even talk about the ongoing discussion and just pop in with broad statements. Read the discussion before you comment please.
  8. Lmao, a lot of people don’t think the hammer should be so weak I guess.
  9. My bad lol. This is my first post in any gaming forum so I’m still not all exactly sure on how this kind of things operates lol. I’m still working on it.
  10. STATUS UPDATE We have 16 +/- and + supports. Those numbers vastly outmatch those wishing to keep it nerfed at 80. So what is evident is either way, people WANT THE HAMMER TO BE BETTER. In some way shape or form. The most common solutions we’ve seen are making it identical to the Scythe in speed and damage, and Giving it Damage 100-120. The damage to 100 buff only has a bit more support than the Scythe copy though. Once again, proof that people want the hammer to be better than it is now after the nerf.
  11. Bro, I am so sick of people using this as their reason to -support. Literally it is so stupid. “Kills in two shots” yeah, so does the bat, so why aren’t you whining about it as well? Does more damage on full swing, and would be killing gensec just as easy as the hammer. As a matter of fact, it’s easier to use bat than hammer now. A number of Security superiors have already disagreed with the whole entire activity thing, because the hammer was at 150 for three months and we have more NCOS then we ever had?? This reasoning is insanely flawed dude.
  12. I see a lot of people talking about collectibles and how they “shouldn’t be op” one, that shouldn’t be absolute garbage either. Also, that problem involves the scythe as well and we are just discussing the hammer, which is now worse than the scythe by far and by major consensus. That’s why people want it buffed, so it can be utilized as a slow strong weapon. 120 damage, even 100 damage is a perfectly reasonable rebuff. For one, hammer users will no longer be able to kill security enlisted in one shot. Ill say it again, Enlisted would be able to survive being hit. Meaning hammer users would most likely die when not in 1 on 1 combat, since they would have to keep fighting the one that they hit rather than them just dropping dead after one blow. The vast majority of people so far are either “+” or “+/-“. Reason being because it just makes sense to do what’s been suggestion. It’s a sledgehammer, and the bat does 40 more damage. If the hammer would either be made as fast as the scythe, or brought up anywhere between 100-120, it seems that the community would prefer one of those two options.
  13. I’ve seen a few options listed in the comments. The minority say to keep it nerfed, the majority believed it should be rebuffed, but not to the same amount it was before. Specifically, here’s the most popular options I’ve seen. •Make the hammer the same as the scythe (Interesting suggestion) •Buff the hammer to 120, making it so officers can’t be one shotted anymore but still maintaining the Hammers above normal damage. (majority opinion) •Keep it Nerfed to 80 (The minority opinion)
  14. That’s what I’m saying lol, 120 is a great place to keep it. An 80 damage nerf is just insane. 110-120 is what it should be. Thanks for agreeing on that.
  15. Exactly. It was supposed to keep a high damage count, that was its intended purpose. You can’t bring the damage lower than the bat, because then that makes the hammer into an entirely desperate product, with its main utilization being taken away completely. Nobody is asking for a rebuff back to 150. But 100-120 would make perfect sense, and I think almost everyone would settle for a 100. That way it is a 2 hit for enlisted, not a one hit. Giving the enlisted officers, those most commonly killed by the hammer, a huge chance to win the fight.