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  1. Oh hey I can talk here

    1. Zone


      oh hi

  2. In-Game Name: [GL] Zone SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81732935 Custom Job Name: MTF Recon Specialist Type S Weapon Change: tfa_csgo_mag7 -> tfa_intervention ($10) Addition: Foundation and E11 Comms ($20) Paid by STEAM_0:0:81732935
  3. I love this man, he has been a member for a long time and cares about staff before anything else, while also understanding to have a good time with everyone else. A HUGE +Support
  4. In-Game Name: [GL] Zone SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81732935 Custom Job Name: MTF Recon Specialist Type S Custom Job Branch: MTF ($50) Color of Job: 171,181,198 Job Description: A transfer from Site-54, Codename “9S” operated around non-containable SCPs and was trusted to stay on edge and heavily armed at all times, even while operating as a researcher at the time. Due to the declining numbers of MTF and rising members of CI, transfers were required and “9S” was required in Site-05 as an MTF unit due to their heavy training. Model: Model Path: models/player/tfa_nier_9s.mdl (Not on server: $70) (Over 4MB: $100) (Out of RP: $80) Add Player: STEAM_0:0:83366448 ($20) STEAM_0:0:175293679 ($20) Weapons: tfa_csgo_aug, tfa_csgo_deagle, tfa_csgo_mag7($20) Additions: Tranquilizer ($10) Elastic Restraints ($10) +200 armor ($80) +100 HP ($50) All paid by STEAM_0:0:81732935
  5. Zone

    CC updates

    I say that the rules just be updated to fix now invalid things, nothing further needs to be added in my opinion +/-Support
  6. @Warro The ban was invalid, the arguments are over, Dang has revoked the ban.. Requesting a Forum Diplomat to lock this post.
  7. Yes, but context is very essential for things like that, as there could have been reasoning for said prop spawn
  8. Yes, but however, the true punishment is up to the admin on duty, which was left to you and Warro.
  9. This was pretty dumb of a ban, especially for a trial mod to decide, honestly. The jailing is ridiculous, and the ban was even worse for something as minimal as prop abuse. No one was angry due to the prop placement, and there were probably no reports (as this is usually what happens with mic spam/propspam reports) and was punished purely by the mod. As well, Jackal is a friend of Dempsy's, so it is just a dumb joke. Another warn is much more appropriate for this, and this ban makes no sense. +Support
  10. now d4 won't look fucking stupid anymore, but rip color changing
  11. Zone

    Hats are dumb

    -Support, this is racism against Crabbo's communist religion
  12. what those new models be bb
  13. Remove STEAM_0:1:154342364, mistake on @Clistro's end. Paid by STEAM_0:1:118322929