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  1. Ingame Name: [GL] Zone Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81732935 Job Name: Chef New Player to Job: STEAM_0:1:190171360 ($20) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:81732935
  2. In-Game Name: [GL] Zone SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81732935 Custom Job Name: Chef Model Addition: models/player/zelpa/male_07.mdl (Already on server; $40) Weapon Change: tfa_csgo_cz75 - > tfa_csgo_elite ($10) Paid by: STEAM_0:0:81732935
  3. Doubt Don't blatantly lie. +Support
  4. Zone

    Buff CZ? - Denied

    -support no
  5. This was really fun, I have to admit. It's great to be back.
  6. Zone

    Zone's LOA

    Name: Zone Rank: 2LT Callsign: SB21 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 5/14/20 - sometime soon Reason (if private write N/A): I just need a break from gmod and the server, a lot is going on.
  7. Still replying in the rare chance that it isn't.
  8. Not really a gensec thing, but MTF thing as well. They need to protect high command and O5 with their they bring them into D-block.
  9. +Support Just remove 912, there's a lot of other safe SCP's that would be a better fit to replace it.
  10. I legitimately can't tell if this is a joke. If you worry about lore so much, you would know that CI don't care much about d-class, and only people who deserve it become recruits. Our SOP allows it, lore allows it. You just can't handle getting killed because you end up minging. -Support x2
  11. The cigarette swep in the shop has completely broken in-game, showing up as just a big error for everyone, which is pretty detrimental as this is a shop item. How it looks in-game
  12. What you want to see? - Different models for Alpha Operatives and Beta Operatives in CI. Why should we add it? - To be very blunt and honest, they look really bad and don't fit in with the lore of CI. They are a military with a lot of firepower, not some guys with bulletproof vests, t-shirts, and night vision goggles. What are the advantages of having this? - It fits the lore of CI and the server, and people can maybe take the branch kinda more seriously. Who is it mainly for? - who do you think
  13. Chef approves of this addition.