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  1. Name: Dragonfly1226 Rank: SM Current FTO Rank:N/A Current RCF Rank: JRCF Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?:N/A
  2. 1. What is your In game Name: Dragonfly1226 2. SteamID (steamid.xyz if you need to get it): STEAM_0:1:104475421 3. Rank: Technician 4. Time on server: 1 Week 5. Total strikes ever received: 1 (But I believe it should be 2 week or more weeks old) 6. How many warns do you have on GL: N/A 7. Who gave you permission to apply: Chimeric 8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: 8 9. Why do you think you’re fit for H.L.P.R. Bot Alpha (60+ words): The reason that I believe to myself that I'll fit for the job is in many ways. For one I always like to be situated into many role-plays. I can see myself able to learn from my mistakes and able to overcome them. Finally would be able to make others see me as a good person to follow up as even myself I follow up to a person that would have helped me get this far. 10. CI is raiding, and you see them breaching a keter SCP. What do you do?: In a situation I wouldn't intervene towards CI. But I'll get away and go to a safe place where I would be able inform Security/MTF of CI attempting to breach a keter SCP in HCZ during a raid.
  3. Name : Dragonfly1226 Branch(es) :Tech, Janitorial Rank(s) :Tech Technician, Jr Janitor How would you rate your activity? (1-10)8 Any changes you would like to see:N/A Any notes or questions:N/A
  4. Test Granted: Weiss Name: Dragonfly Rank: JR SCP: 1025 Class: Safe [ X] Euclid[ ] Keter [ ] Test: What percent chance if 4 Class-D's with blood type being O (Known for fighting diseases) can be 1 out of 4 chance surviving from reading it? Section: HCZ [X] LCZ [ ] Termination: Y [ ] N[X] Escort: Creamy Subject: 3 Class-D's SCP-1025 is a hardcover book, approximately 1,500 pages long. The front cover and spine feature the title "The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases." The publisher's page indicates the book was printed in 19██ by █████ Press. No other copies of a book with that title and publisher have been found, and no record of the publisher exists. Test Log: 04 So as we know many humans have different Blood Type's, many have different effects on us especially Blood Type O. Greatly known for fighting off diseases seem like a great way to see an overwhelmed healthy Class D with Blood Type O can fight of the great diseases of SCP-1025. After getting subjects informed of the procedure I gave them names to know in case what Class-D's disease gotten? Class-D B stepped in first slowly hesitant, but read a random page which he dropped dead due to having a heart attack from SCP-1025. Then Class-A went ahead but reading a page randomly lead his death with a symptom called Erythromelalgia. Finally, the last Class-D C went in with the other flipped into a few pages and suddenly stopped? He didn't seem infected, dead on the floor screaming, but standing there inspecting Class-D C I figured it out to see he been symptoms with a disease called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva. Conclusion: Well even though Blood Type O is great against fighting the disease, it isn't too strong against SCP-1025 for the diseases it contains has much more morality rate to an individual even they are the healthiest. So far we can't fight for SCP-1025 diseases it seems humanity can't handle it unless a major evolution caused us to be unaffected to diseases, or that scientists had found a way to modify our genes to increase our body system in strength. But it may be a long time before this major counter occurs to us. Signed: Dragonfly Class-D A Picture Log: Files Missing Class-D B Picture Log: Files Corrupted Class-D C Picture Log:
  5. Name: Dragonfly Rank: JR SCP: 1048 Class: Safe [ ] Euclid[ ] Keter [X] Test: What if the C-D had an infection of an ear (swimmer's ear) that would pass on towards 1048-A? Section: HCZ [ ] LCZ [X] Termination: Y [ ] N[X] Escort: Uberlaiden Subject: C-D After finding a C-D who had an infection of the ear we proceeded to the testing area with 1048 happily with us. The test was simple to determine if 1048-A would also have an ear infection from the C-D ear. So after 1048 was given permission to slice off the infected ear of C-D which was successful, but caused the Class-D to have trauma and collapsed dead on the floor. Even after receiving the ear 1048 built 1048-A which asking his friend he built if feels any sort of pain, which 1048 seemed to talk to turned his head making nodding yes. Conclusion: So I was right if a Class-D that was diagnosed to be with swimmers ear or any sort of ear infection would cause on to the 1048-A the same features of the subject. Signed Dragonfly
  6. Test Granted By: DHOR Kuma Name: Dragonfly Rank: JR SCP: 513 Class: Safe [ ] Euclid[X ] Keter [ ] Test: Will the C-D's under go affects when ringing the bell with one or two ears missing? Section: HCZ [ X] LCZ [ ] Termination: Y [ ] N[X ] SCP-513: Physically, SCP-513 is an unremarkable, rusty cowbell. No marks or engravings are visible on its surface due to the large amount of corrosion. Attempts to remove the rust chemically or mechanically have had no success. Escort: Security CPL Ketamine Subject: Bazooka, (Forgot the Name ;( ) After obtaining 2 Class D's we proceeded to HCZ to safely arrive upon the destination of SCP-513. After doing so the test was been cut in half for our C-D who was deaf ( Was supposed to be part of the test ) gotten took away from an MTF who stole him from us which made me mad, but I still proceed to do it with one Class D now. The Class-D had one ear cut off to see if the process SCP-513-1 anomaly would appear faster or slower rate. The Class-D was silent until which 1 minute he started to be a startling rate of how he is describing to us a figure appearing upon his face. After knowing the test was successful Class-D was put termination from the reasoning he is haunted by SCP-513 after effects. Conclusion: Even if you have 10/20 of hearing don't think your safe if the bell sound is struck against the side of your ear that's is terrible to listen. It will come and affect, but it will take a longer effect to start haunting you down. Signed Dragonfly
  7. Name: Dragonfly Rank: JR SCP: 912 Class: Safe [X ] Euclid[ ] Keter [ ] Test: If a toy gun or etc. resembles like an weapon without security suit would threaten 912? Section: HCZ [ ] LCZ [X ] Termination: Y [ ] N[X ] SCP-912 consists of several items of police-issue body armour, clothing and equipment that together form a discrete entity capable of independent movement and action. Both the method by which this ability has been acquired and means by which it is achieved have yet to be identified. Escort: Security LCPL gwhea Subject: Zod After getting the room ready we have the subject prepared an object which is a kids toy water gun that is harmless and spits out water. When the C-D was prepared for what he will do SCP-912 had arrived for the test. Starting the test I asked C-D to point out the water gun at SCP-912, but the C-D was hesitant after telling to point it at 912 for 10-20 times. Which doing so SCP-912 was enraged and pulled out a stun stick out of air then proceeding to disciplined the C-D to death from just simply he pointed the toy gun at 912. Conclusion: No matter what if you have a object that resembles as an gun but doesn't function as a gun with bullets. Then don't wave it around 912 face or you'll be serious trouble and getting stun stick of discipline, even if its a toy gun or even a plastic toy gun. Signed Dragonfly
  8. Name: Dragonfly Rank: JR SCP: 066 Class: Safe [ ] Euclid[ X] Keter [ ] Test: If 066 will trigger saying its name backwards? Section: HCZ [ ] LCZ [X ] Termination: Y [ ] N[X ] 066: Free Roaming SCP that is made up of mass braided yarn and ribbon. Even though its Euclid it's mostly safe unless you would say the name Eric to it blasting a high decimal of music from Beethovan's second sympathy up to 140 decimals! Escort: SD LCP JHess C-D: ZmbCwgrl After getting a C-D and setting the thing up between Eric and C-D ZmbCwgrl. When asking the C-D to say Eric backwards he wouldn't want to comply which made the testing difficult, after 5 minutes trying to make the C-D say Cire. He simply ended the test by doing the opposite and said Eric lucky an [REDACTED] gave out earmuffs to us (Kind Gentleman) to not cause our eardrums to burst which the C-D didn't had on. That ended a test as failure. P.S. Don't try saying Cire to Eric yet if so then prepare an sympathy of Beethovan from 066, but if you survived don't steal the credit if you used the idea from reading my test forum kindly....
  9. Name: Dragonfly1226 Rank: CPL FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+):N/A Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): I been active a lot even when I first became a security team. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A