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  1. Special Forces TIEs What do you want to see? - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1913790499 Why should we add it? - To distinguish Special Forces from air to air situations, There have been many times where using the RG TIE has caused problems, RG comes up to us and doesn't approve the use of these TIEs and personally neither do I as these are RG TIEs, used for protecting their VIP, These TIE's have a distinguishable white wings, along with a red marking. What are the advantages of having this? - A distinguishable way to identify special forces from Arial attacks/Royal Guards/SF, This way there's no more confusion when distinguishing the differences between RG,SF, and others during Arial attacks. Who is it mainly for? - Special Forces (DT-IF) Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1913790499 The Red Marking shows a resemblance to IF and the solid black could be used for pilot certified DT during attacks. (Approved by Iden to post)
  2. -Support It was not a misunderstanding, You were shit talking me and Thermite's event with no constructive criticism, and before you left the TS channel, you said "Learn how to do your fucking job and give us the weapons we want", That is NOT ACCEPTABLE, and the reason I banned you. I have to host a FAIR event to the entire server, You also JOINED THE GM DISCORD to complain about an event, and started an argument with an event host. we have stuff that is NOT suppose to be seen for normal players, If you want to appeal it contact a SGM and Thermite and I will speak to you and decide whether it will be appealed. I've also seen cases were you've been extremely biased to people and flat out lied. like right now, It is NOT a misunderstanding, There was two GMs hosting that event and we both heard and decided to ban you because of your behavior.
  4. Punching myself in the face for not seeing this, but you got it anyway! Grats on Grand General, 100% Deserve it,
  5. -/+Support I haven't really seen you on recently, I've only seen you on as a mouse droid, but that might just be me as you have a DT life which I just learned about. The way you deal with situations is just not professional in my opinion, For example when I left shock and you told me "Everyone hated me", That's something that is just deemed unprofessional and immature, Fix up these problems and I'll rethink my -/+Support, Good luck.
  6. +Support It is tiring not being able to spawn our own TIE's, Especially how we act & assist SF, Same with DeathTroopers, We are S L O W, It is nearly impossible to work effectively with them when we are heavy weight, They run so much faster and we run like we have the ninth sister on our back, We are always slowing down DeathTroopers which really is a negative downside! We also have the same HP as some normal ST's, We are more likely to die when working with DT as-well, They are extremely fast,effective, and proficient HP and armor wise, the reason for the ISB outfits is that we serve under ISB, and are meant to be more recognizable, Yes we all look cool in armor but think of it like Maverick, not all of us enjoy being in the suit and armor. and ID10, COMPLETELY BROKEN! It is the size of a overweight probe droid! It is unappealing and unplayable, Players swarm us because it just looks like a monster! Try to understand our situation here, We would like to appeal more to the community, not all of us are big bad agents, That's what we go for but we're just trying to be more efficient. That is what I see from my side -IF SSL Agent Del Meeko IF3
  7. -Support Advertised GM Senior Moderator| SD Commodore Pooders: https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/54171-pooders-backstory/ ITS A JOKE CALM DOWN