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  1. +Support Has put major work into Omi9 helping Blackbeard and has been with Omi9 from the beginning.
  2. In Game Name: Sven Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:86119260 What is your current Rank: Omi9 1st LT What Type of Command Position are you applying for (High Command / Low Command): High Command Do you have experience in Command, if yes explain: I have been a Research Supervisor and am currently a 1st LT in Omi9 Date of when you first joined MTF / Chaos Insurgency: I first joined MTF a couple of weeks before A1 became Omi9. I was a CPL at the time when A1 switched to Omi9. I do not know the exact date. How many Strikes do you have: 0 What is your main goal of being Omicron-9 High Command: My main goal is to help make it a better branch and to take more stress off of Blackbeard. He is currently the only high command at the time and is doing the job of 3 people by himself. I want to help take the pressure off of him and I also want to improve this branch and make it stronger and work more efficiently and effectively. Do you think there is any issues with the branch and if so how would you fix it (High Command Applications Only): There are a couple of issues that I have noticed with Omi9. One of the issues being the amount of empty slots on the roster. That applies for both enlisted and command. There is currently only 7 NCOs on the Omi9 roster, which is not a lot. I understand that is the reason why there are applications going on at the moment, since there isn't a lot of command that can actually promote NCOs at the moment. Another issue I've noticed is that, not just Omi9 but MTF wide, is issues about "targeting" and "disrespect". Granted, it varies from time to time how bad or serious it is, but I personally feel it still needs to be addressed overall. What do you think of Omicron-9's ability to keep the facility under control from GOI's and what do you think can be improved (High Command Applications Only): I would rate Omi9's ability to keep GOI's out of the facility as a 6.5/10. At times, we can completely overpower a GOI before they even get to the cafeteria without the help of any other MTF branch. Other times, we get steamrolled. I understand that this has to do with numerous variables like how many Omi9 there are, how many GOI there are, the type of Omi9 (sub branches like juggernaut), the type of GOI (event GOI or CI custom classes), etc. I think that this can be improved with reworking some of the Omi9 SOPs, forming new and improved strategies and formations, and possibly a rework of some of the Omi9 classes. Why should we accept you in Omicron-9 Command (150 word minimum): I would like you to accept my application because of my experience in this branch. I have been in Omi9 from the very beginning. I have been here through both the good times and the bad times and will continue to do so. I want to continue to help grow the branch and attempt to make it the best branch on the entire server. I am prepared to do the work that is required to meet such a large goal. I intend on doing this alongside my fellow command members and enlisted men. I intend to get their input on various changes and will encourage them to voice their opinions and thoughts when the subject of change occurs to the branch. After all, whether they are a recruit or a command member, their opinions both matter greatly because they are both a part of Omi9. As a command member, I want all opinions and all voices to be heard, whether it is as simple as which tactic or formation should we use in game all the way up to the big choices, like branch wide changes.
  3. +Support. Seems like a very nice guys and shows that he is ready to be dedicated to Omi9
  4. Name: Sven Branch: Tech Rank: exp tech Why should you keep your position?: I really enjoy roleplaying as a HLPR Bot and I find it extremely fun Any changes you would like to see?: Not that I can think of. Any questions?: Nope
  5. + Support. Am interested to see a playable 079
  6. +Support I look forward to these new changes.
  7. Name in RP: Sven Rank: WO Any Concerns: N/A
  8. RP Name: Sven Rank: Supervisor Reason I'm Leaving: Research for me has lost its touch. I hope to one day come back
  9. Grade: 80% (B) Test Quality: Standard Lore: 10/20 No background research is present inside of the test log. Please add information about the SCP(s) you are testing on. Creativity: 18/20 Although this test has already been done before, I still like it and I also like the way that you approached this idea. Presentation: 16/20 Is well structed besides missing background research. Writing: 36/40 Your observation was a little short and lacking some detail. Note: For visual stimuli, you don't need to take a picture. Pictures and video always help for test logs but it is not required. For example, if you were doing a test and a D Class got incinerated, the visual stimuli would be the ashes of the D Class. Its not just a video or picture, its what you observed during the test that helped you draw a conclusion of what happened and why.
  10. Grade: 79% (C) Test Quality: Standard Lore: 10/20 While it is included in the format, no background research is present. Next time, please include information about the SCP (even if it is just pulled straight from the Wiki that is fine). Creativity: 15/20 The test idea is definitely different but I don't see how this could create useful and new information to the Foundation. Presentation: 18/20 Everything is formatted properly. Writing: 36/40 I would have like a little more detail and length in this test log. Besides that, there were no obvious grammatical errors or sentence structure problems.
  11. Grade: 100% (A) Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 Creativity: 20/20 Good test idea on trying to explain how the wardrobe works. Presentation: 20/20 The chart you made displayed the results extremely well. Was very organized and was able to compare each subject for similarities and differences with ease. Writing: 40/40 No obvious grammatical or spelling errors and all sentences and information flowed together properly. Well done. Personal Note: It seems that you are a very good writer and have an act for making this anomalous wardrobe interesting. You might want to consider submitting this to the official SCP Wiki as a real SCP. Do whatever you want but I think it has a decent chance to actually become an official SCP. Just my thoughts.
  12. Grade: 97% (A) Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 Good background research Creativity: 20/20 Very good test idea, very useful to the Foundation as well. Presentation: 20/20 Very organized and well structured. Writing: 37/40 There were some spelling and grammatical errors but there was also a lot of detail. Good job
  13. Grade: 90% (A) Test Quality: Quality Lore: 14/20 Background research is lack luster. You need to put more about the SCP. If needed get the info right from the SCP Wiki. Creativity: 20/20 Very interesting test idea. I like it. Presentation: 18/20 Well structured and well organized Writing: 38/40 No obvious grammatical errors, but would have liked to see a little more detail. Overall, good job.
  14. I have requested access to the document because when I went to view it, it said I needed access I didn't have