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  1. I agree to be added, I paid the $20 dollars STEAM_0:1:113333792
  2. Jeffern

    I was rdm'ed

    I agree that car should be warned.
  3. You should of had them
  4. Welcome to PoliceRp hope to see you around.
  5. Mine is the old bay hot sauce
  6. Jeffern


    The bird is better.
  7. Jeffern

    I'm stressed

    See I this is from early today I'm taking the pics but this is what I saw this afternoon before heading home. This is my first multiple fatal accident.
  8. +/- support I would +support as we don't know why and who did it.
  9. Jeffern

    I'm stressed

    When you join a Fire Department to help the community but end up with more stress than every. This day was filled with stress. What is some ways you guys relieve stress?