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  1. And a giant golden fubar is? or a baseball bat? and how so? DPS of baseball bat: ~100-150. (Can do 100+ in a singular hit.) Crowbar is about 75 dps And hit-reg of other weapons are good if the server doesnt freeze for over 2 seconds. (below 60 players)
  2. What you want to see? - Adding the GMOD / Half life 2 crowbar to the pointshop Why should we add it? - Its a fun and more roleplay-friendly weapon that can be purchased off of the store. (vs a giant hammer) What are the advantages of having this? - More donations. More lore and RP friendly melee weapons. Who is it mainly for? - Anyone who buys it. Links to any content - None, Its already in the game. weapon_crowbar
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Comma Rank: Junior Researcher Required Escorts/Test Subjects: One (1) MTF Guard, Two (2) GenSec Guards. One (1) Class-D Personnel SCP: N/A Gadget/Weaponry Used: Reality Anchor(HEAVILY MODIFIED, Refer to as ARA) Question/Preferred Gadget/Weapon Outcome: Would I be able to 1. "No-Collide" A D-Class allowing him to walk through walls. 2. Transport a D-Class a short distance away. 3. Stop time. 4. Transport D-Class to a Pocket-Dimension Observation: Test 1- Went well. No problems or errors. Test 2- Worked (Pretty) Well. Short power outage but no problems to D-Class well being. 3. Worked EXTREMELY Well. One Linking device was faulty, so a GenSec was frozen in time along with everyone and everything not wearing a Link. 4. Transporting the Class-D there had a small studder, power outage. D-Class was left there for about 10 seconds before being returned with no problems. BONUS: Test 1(B) Was conducted when the containment cell door was closed and we where trapped inside. I activated the device on myself and walked through ~1ft of reinforced Glass and Steel with no problems. Conclusion: Stretching and Altering reality manually is definitely possible and plausible to be used in the future. Further tests will be conducted. -----------------------------------------------------------