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  1. Hope we can play more B3 and other stupid shit together man.
  2. Im sensing some sarcasm coming from you so im not going to continue this if its going to become an argument. E-11's MOTD states one thing while the SOP says the opposite. Its an easy fix and shouldnt be made into something so big.
  3. Can you show me where it says this on the MOTD? MOTD comes before SOP and its clear to me your SOP does not a line with the MOTD E-11 rules.
  4. +Support Its clear violation against the MOTD. Also Running up to E4 Operatives and engaging conversation/antagonizing them is another big no no, Makes it look like he was intending on pissing off the E4 Operative for the sack of causing a issue.
  5. Your the reason im even in CI Thanks for being part of the CI family bro.
  6. Ingame Name: Coltable Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:163987278 Job Name: The Jokerz New Player: STEAM_0:1:163987278
  7. +Support Would make for more enjoyable Game play in my opinion.
  8. Name: Coltable Rank & Callsign: CT97 Discord: Coltable#5041 Divisions: Military / E4 Activity: Active Suggestions: PT's for RND, More relationship counseling for E4 and Military and K9's. COMMAND ONLY: why you should retain your position? I'am active every day of the week and can always be easily contacted through ts,discord or in-game. I want to continue focusing on making the CI branch one of the best branches on the server, somewhere people can chill and have fun but still get that bad ass feeling of being a tactical/unstoppable group.
  9. +Support For the sake of gun fights and game play on the server i think this is a smart move, As of right now it makes no sense RP for a specialist to take that much damage.