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  1. Name: Coltable Rank: LTCMDR Callsign: IRA1 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 09/21 - 09/23 Reason (if private write N/A): Vacation (still be active on discord/ts)
  2. + Support it’s simple really... Oh and may I say anyone found “abusing” the interrogation room Or breaking MOTD by openly firing on multiple mtf while acting as a spy WILL have their Maynard whitelist removed...
  3. If you were to remove the gate on top where dclass hang out wouldn't that remove the issue of dclass breaking the gate at the bottom while also keeping the gate at the bottom to continue to slow down dclass rushes?
  4. +Support Fix Sarkic + dclass limb damage...
  5. -Support ... but I think removing those windows would really mess up things and cause alot more issues than it would fix. I personally think maybe a reduction in gensec defenses maybe would help or at less move the MIDDLE lineup entrance in front of gensec to the right, this would make it easier for dclass as gensec will now have to cover both entrances instead of them being so close together that they barely have to move their mouse...
  6. People here are forgetting the point that if you are playing as a mtf you only have to focus the personnel who is trying to crack the checkpoint... Meaning i can peak that window and slowly but surely kill the person cracking while moving around and dodging the ppl trying to kill me on the outside. While i keep CI/Dclass busy i can also in TS call for backup and have the whole foundation at that checkpoint in less than 2-3mins +Support
  7. Name: Coltable Rank: LTCMDR Discord: Coltable#5041 Activity: Active Ideas for CI: N/A How do you think you're doing? What you think you can work on?{Command only}: Still going strong, Personally more communication with low command/none command and more promotions within enlisted.
  8. Name: Coltable Rank: LTCMDR Callsign: IRA1 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 08/30/20 - 09/05/20 Reason (if private write N/A): Going on holidays for a week (might come back earlier than expected). I will still be on discord/updating roster and will occasionally pop into ts while I am away.
  9. You will be missed man Hope you pop by in ts sometime in the near future.
  10. Perfectly put, LIKE A QUOTE FROM THE BIBLE
  11. +Support a well mannered player with some interesting ideas!
  12. I personally was there and can agree we CI were very VERY busy getting ambushed at Gate A by E11 and Nu7 so I can understand if this advert is was a mistake and Boozle over looked it in the heat of the moment. -support
  13. A great member of CI, and a loyal friend through out my time on the server, have lots of great memories with you from messing around on E4/CI, but the best memories were the ones from TS when we were just chilling talking about god knows what, girls/drama or just straight up stupid shit it was all great. Gonna miss you ya stinky Asian
  14. +Support I see no issue with any of this, in my opinion y'all should be OP/more powerful than SF's in general seeing how y'all have the most important job out of any combatant.
  15. Sounds like a good change for the fight club, Might be a bit of work for smt to make tho, but would 100% give dclass more rp and things to do while on the job. +Support