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  1. I also saw that the quad was removed from the game which I really liked. I hope to see the old cars we used to have to return.
  2. Hello I am LPara Rein, I have choosen to leave the EMS department. I have really enjoyed the time being in EMS but lately I do not have the energy to get on the job and I do not enjoy it as much as in the past. I also want to focus more on different departments thats why I am also leaving. I hope you guys understand why I am leaving I hope you guys still in the department have a great time and that EMS can grow further.
  3. Name: Rein Rank: Para How active do you think you are (be honest): Semi-active Why do you want to stay in EMS: I Enjoy being in the EMS and I like the roleplay as well. What could change in EMS?: Maybe something new added that EMS can do because most of the time we do not have a lot to do and that is also a big reason why many people do not really like playing EMS.