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  1. +Support Everything above ^^^
  2. -Support It isn't in a bad spot and said above they are pretty weak.
  3. -Support You are high risk of breaking rules with some SCP's
  4. +Support Doggo would make a great senior admin!
  5. +Support I hate when people do this, it is just unfair
  6. +Support Like people have said only play music you know.
  7. +Support Makes it more fair
  8. -Support He got that model before they added the rule. Just seems unfair to force him to change it, unless it's for free
  9. -Support I am pretty sure it tells you when you try to join the server. +Support Admin warned the wrong steamID
  10. -Support Just wait out the ban and learn from your mistakes
  11. -Support You don't spawn with a lot of ammo and this would kill the d class population.
  12. MiniLeopard

    Mini's LOA

    Name: Mini Rank: COL Date (MM/DD): 08/30 Return(MM/DD): 09/07 Reason: Private