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  1. +Support They should have the whitelist, kinda weird they don't Killaz cringe
  2. If you stand on the white barricades it will fling you off, the NCO post did it but not anymore
  3. +Support but it will get denied again
  4. 1. Steam Name?: Mini [GL] 2. Steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:47644701 3. Roster Name?: Mini 4. Current Rank?: 1LT 5. When were you promoted?: Mar 21th 2020 6. How long have you been a member of GENSEC (roughly)?: January 20th 2020 7. Do you promise to uphold all rules en-stated by Gaming Light and by the many Security guidelines?: Yes 8. Do you promise to uphold your duties as a command member in leadership, mentoring, problem-solving, ect.?: Yes 9. Do you promise that you will listen and respect your lower/higher rankings?: 100% Yes "I already do" 10. Why do you want to become a senior command member? (150 WORDS+): I think I should become senior command because I work very hard in security to make it a better branch and I always want to be able to improve in gensec, I also like helping the lower ranks with whatever they need or let them know what they need to improve on. I can also be a good leader when the time calls for it and always treat people with the same respect that I would expect to get from them. I also hand out fair punishments and never lose my cool or go over bored because I am in a bad mood. I also believe being a staff member has improved my ability to handle different types of situations that can pop up in security. I am also a very active command member I am on every day for at least a couple of hours if not more. I also want to be able to do more for security. 11. What would you do if a Security Officer was constantly leaving D Block?: If he/she left the first/second time I would warn them and tell them the rules but if they didn't stop doing it or just ran away from me I would get them into bunks say they are getting demoted to trainee and why they are getting demoted after they are demoted I would fill out the form. 12. What would you do if an NCO kept on leaving d-block with terrible reasons?: I would warn them to stop doing it and tell them they can only leave d block for med-bay/Armoury or escorting and they shouldn't be leaving d block for silly reasons, if they didn't I would either strike them or demote them depending on what happened. 13. What do you do if an E11 private comes into d block and attempts to take command of all of the security?: I would ask him to leave d block and stop trying to take command over security, if he didn't listen I would handcuff him or put a AOS on them, after that I would report on him and let his command know what happen. 14. Who is A1?(RP): A1 is a sauce brand that can be used on different types of meat but mostly for steaks.
  5. The elevator in d block get a lot of people stuck when it goes to the top. Example Video: I don't really know what causes this but I hope it can be fixed.
  6. +Support I have seen mods use their psygun before -_- it's annoying But yeah this is 100% wrong you did nothing wrong and he just froze you and by the looks of it he would of left you there if you didn't make a ticket
  7. Name: Mini Rank: 1LT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): SFTO Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): I believe I should keep my rank because I am pretty active for a command member and I try my best to make gensec a better branch. I also know the SOP very well and the server rules very well, I treat everyone the same no matter what rank they are. I am very loyal to gensec it's the only branch I play on now, I also have a very good reputation on the server because I treat everyone fairly. I am also hoping to climb up the ranks and try to help anyone I can if they have questions I am always happy to answer them to the best of my ability. If I ever do anything wrong I am more then happy for someone to tell me what I did wrong and how I could improve myself and being a command member, I will also accept anything I did wrong. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: I am bad at writing 150 words Rust = Cringe
  8. -Support You should of got a staff member not RDM
  9. I am going to guess skies requested weiss to do it because mods can't and if they black listed you it must of got approved from someone in command and if so there must of been a pretty good reason to. +/-Support I want to hear all sides first
  10. -Support Just do /foundation "I am going to feed SCP-XXX"
  11. +/-Support - I love PAC3 it could make RP better - If accepted make the prop limit like 3 not 10 - Maybe make it for gold+ only or it's own thing in the store