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  1. The reason I thought it was for just CI is because I have only heard CI/D class complain so not "Everyone" but I have spoken to Gio and he told me more about it so I am sorry about that.
  2. They shouldn't be going to HCZ/EZ without a rank, they still need to follow security SOP, if you see them doing that please report it. Security CC's without a rank is pretty much an OFC Every time I have seen/attack CI on a CC with other CC's is when they are in LCZ, We rarely attack them in HCZ. The only time security is in HCZ is for RCF stuff or escorting. Again I have spoken to Gio/Sixx and have been told that CC's have done it but rarely You mean CI because again I have not seen security CC's take MTF's job because we spend 99% of our time in LCZ/D Block. I have spoken to Gio and Sixx and have been told the MTF have complained. But for now I will +/-Support because I haven't seen CC's do that but I could be wrong I am still keeping it as +/-Support because I am worried about the confusing if normal security is 2 minutes but the CC's are 3 minutes I am also pretty sure this suggestion has been made before but was denied. I like what Th3 and Rookieblue said so I have changed to a -Support
  3. Just wait out the ban -Support
  4. +Support It is annoying when you can't handcuff someone because they have a gun out -_- or maybe add something like this: Gun on safety = You can be Fear RP'd Gun not on safety = Normal KOS
  5. +Support A lot of stuff people are -Supporting this post isn't even in this update it was the last one or even before that
  6. Same here, it wouldn't be fair if it was anything but a "1 v 1" +/-Support And of course it wouldn't work on Maynard because they don't know he is a spy/He has a valid ID Edit: If added only a certain rank+ can do it, like SGT+ or something
  7. Name: Mini Rank: Member Time of LOA(MM/DD/YYYY): 7th - 13th (Around 6 days) Reason(Put Private if you do not wish to say): Private
  8. +/-Support I think a rule would need to be placed like "Can only use them in armory" and of course no combat healing with it. -Support This sniper can 2 shot most of security and low ranked MTF units and from what I have heard is a low ranked job to join? Also the job has 10 slots, I can only imagine the chaos that would cause with one of the strongest sniper in the game right now. But if the job slots are set to around 3 - 5 and the rank requirement was higher I would be fine with it. But +Support to everything else unless I am missing something.
  9. -Support You have no permission? unless I am missing something. Yes I was, I didn't see it at the top, sorry ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- +/-Support, Leaning towards + I bet you would make a great admin but the few times we have interacted it hasn't been good. But good luck on getting admin!
  10. +Support I mean why not? It doesn't hurt if they get paid a little more. It also makes it more fun when you know it's worth it. But $5 seems much maybe just $2 - 3?