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  1. @TheJayden I have never seen bambob in my life , my boyfriend talked to him in a server that he just quit. also he accused me of being an alt account of bambob . not anyone else. I talked through my mic just because i just bought garrys mod does not mean i am an alt account.. do you accuse everyone that just bought garrys mod of being an alt account. If i was an alt account I wouldn't go through all of this to get un banned? i just got garrys mod i dont even know how it works fully. I am switching from PS4 to Pc so theres a HUGE difference and alot of information that goes into playing the computer vs PS4
  2. I did not know he was banned as I previously stated , and i was not disrespecting you if anything I was the one being disrespected. I typed because you and whoever else was with you were not listening to what I had to say. You accused me of using a voice changer why would i continue to talk? also in the middle of me explaining how i could prove that I was not him you banned me without letting me finish talking. It was all together very rude and unprofessional. I just got garrys mod. I was not trying to minge , I was trying to get a feel of the server and see what it was about. I also had no idea how anything worked. You did not even give me the chance to prove that I was not him. And I was also typing because I have a wireless headset it was dead so I was trying to use it in between it charging and it kept dying. Also @Calamity you even said your self in your own words "You were typing the whole time and then showed us with your voice that you were not an alt"
  3. well he did , I am not bambob I sent the head of staff my ID , I spoke on the mic and yeah i didn't know how to delete it i just got garrys mod you can literally look on my steam . it was a false warn. I spoke on my mic. and when you asked me to remove my props my mic was dead its wireless. I am not an alt account or at all who he thought i was. it was wrong and not fair. I was just trying to have fun. Ive never played garrys mod before last week so I wasnt aware of how to remove my props. I can show you all my id too if you'd like maybe the person that banned me hasnt said anything because he knows he was wrong.
  4. Steam Name:  Kaylah L Ingame Name: Kaylah L SteamID: STEAM_0:1:529388512 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Calamity Umbrella Corp Reason for Ban: Alt Account Dispute: accused of being bambob because i asked about him not knowing he was banned. i can do anything to prove i am not him. i was jailed and not given a chance to prove that i wasn't bambob i even was talking on mic. i was wrongly banned and it wasn't cool at all. I even sent a picture of my state ID to the head admin.