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  1. Name: Andro Rank: Senior Tech How would you rate your activity?: 2; I really haven't been at all active on Technical as I've been way more focused on Janitorial and CI R&D, hopefully soon I'll get on it more Any notes or questions: N/A
  2. Name: Andro Rank & Callsign: Researcher R03 Discord: Andromeda#2290 Divisions: R&D Activity: (10 Being highest) 6 Suggestions: N/A
  4. +Support (Although I would say that it should be janitor/tech/Nu7 FE if CE/CC aren't available to do x)
  5. + Support Utility got the short end of the stick in this map-change, I would like it if we at least didn't have our spawn severed into some tiny cubicles
  6. TheAndro

    Andro's LOA

    Name: Andro Rank: Assistant Researcher Callsign: AR03 Date of LOA/Return: 3/24 to 3/27 Reason: Need to focus on homework
  8. Make sure to follow the link at //Begin Audio Log// as it leads to a physical re-enactment of the test!
  9. First log, hope I did alright. Also I took a couple snipets of the pre-test
  10. Your Name : Andro Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:76677368 Your Rank : Operations Supervisor (ACCM) What is your Level? : 60 Which command member gave you permission? : Cornbread On a scale of 1 - 10, How active are you? : (10 being highest) 8, I've recently been dividing up my time on the server into other branches but I still spend most of my time on Janitorial Are you a Containment Cleaner, and if so, What Rank ? : ACCM Why are you fit for MMF (The longer the better) ? : I believe that I am fit for MMF for several reasons. The most basic one is my dedication to Janitorial and utility as a whole as I am an OS, a Senior Tech, and a Senior Surgeon and I have had zero discipline problems in any of the branches. Next reasons would be my willingness and want to RP, as you can tell by the fact that I am the ACCM and my many CC-Logs. I believe that MMF will offer some interesting and varied RP for the normal janitorial RP. Final reason is my trigger discipline, I am in CI and spend a lot of the time between raids practicing accuracy with my weapons and during raids I always make sure to avoid shooting through clustered areas of allies. For these reasons I know I will be a good fit for MMF. What do you believe MMF's Purpose is? : I believe MMF's purpose is to assist (assist being the keyword) MTF in battles with SCPs and CI before being the ones who have to clean up the bodies, bullet casings, and blood. I think they have a specialty in the cleaning of bodies SCP as-well like 049-2 and 035-1.
  11. +support Please fix this, it's been a problem for a long time
  12. In-Game Name: Andro SteamID: STEAM_0:0:76677368 DiscordID: Andromeda#2290 What Division Do You Want To Join (Military or R&D): Military How Would You Rank Your Knowledge Of The Lore: 6.5/10; I'm not active on the the actual Wiki but I have watched a lot of SCP videos and I don't have any problems with the lore surrounding, and the standard operations of the SCPs on the Gaminglight server Why Should You Be In The Chaos Insurgency (75 Word Minimum): I really like the idea of CI in general and when I look at CI, I see a group that offers just as much in the way of interesting RP as it does in the ability to charge into a secret facility in order to kill stuff. Just today I was captured by CI as Janitorial Command; Dr. Maynard opened the gate for CI and I was greeted by 8 CI armed and ready to raid the facility, one of which took me back to the base where I was kept until an A1 was also brought in as a hostage. I was bargained out where I then used my comms (which were never taken from me) to cause the MTF to attack the CI Base. I know I sound like I'm rambling, which admittedly I am, but what I'm trying to get at is that aura that CI has given off to me. I want to be apart of that, I have the ability to RP and a clear care about it, I'm level 58 on the server with over one week in playtime, I'm as I've said a command member in another group, I'm also non-life taking members in Tech + Medical, I've been a GENSEC LCPL before, and I have a ready dedication to join and support the CI. What Is Something That Sets You Apart From Other Applicants: I've spent some time on CI Heavy (as I'm a gold donator) and I've basically gotten something of an internship with the experience of CI raids, not to mention the fact that I've been on the receiving end of CI raids as Janitorial Command at least a thousand times. Additional, I have an aptitude and willingness to RP. I know most may see the military side of CI as nothing more than the Shooty-Shoot guys, but I see the ability for some very fun and unique role-play in the right hands. How Active Can You Be: On weekdays ~4 hours, Weekends ~8 hours Do You Have Both Teamspeak And Discord: Yes
  13. Name: Meda Rank: SEC OFC FTO Rank: N/A Why you should retain your rank: I generally just hop on security at the end of a long day to gun through some D-Class for ~45 minutes before heading to bed. Nothing special but also not a problem Any Notes, Questions, Concerns: Nope