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  1. As a ex Field medic I think its good + support P.S I think surgury will be funner
  2. Understood.I will wait the 1 week ban.
  3. Steam Name: Mystery Man Ingame Name:Pie SteamID:STEAM_0:0:243757200 Ban Length:1 week Admin that Banned you:Rookieblue Reason for Ban:Mass RDM Dispute:Both me and the fellow D-class agreed to fight, And i was never pulled into a sit.I understand I was probrobly not suppose to fight without a event allowing me to,but we were just messing around.
  4. Name:Pie Branch:Medical,Janitorial Rank:Junior FM,Janitor Rate Activity: 7 for medica, 3 for Janitorial Are you on the Roster:Yes Suggestions:N/A
  5. Name:Pie Rank:RCF SGT FTO Rank:N/A I Have been active
  6. Name:JR Pie Rank:Junior Resercher SCP:1162 Question:If a D-Class has no items or clothing on them, what will they lose? Background research: SCP-1162 Retrieves a item in the subjects life that they have lost,but takes a item that the subject currently has on them. Hypothesis:The subject will not pull out anything, nor lose anything. Observation:Subject in visible distress after pulling object out of hole, object was car keys, Subject soon collapsed. Autopsy shows subjects left kidney was removed. Conclusion:Future tests should be with clothing on at least. Hypothesis was incorrect.