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  1. Lore Name: JR Joseph R. James Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: SCP-1048 Question / Idea: If SCP-1048 was left alone with a D-Class personnel, would he attempt to create an instance of 1048-A? Background Research: Based on the file, SCP-1048 tends to obsess over human ears, wanting to use them to create 1048-A. Hypothesis: If left alone with a D-Class, SCP-1048 would not hesitate to try and create an instance of 1048-A Observations (What Happened During Test): When the D-Class entered the test chamber, 1048 walked over and interacted with him, before pulling out a knife and attempting to remove the subjects ear. The test was terminated after that. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: N/A Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): 1048's only goal seems to be creating 1048-A, no matter what. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes