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  1. I was told by Calamity I could go to forum and appeal.
  2. Steam Name: SunnyBunny Ingame Name: Bunny Miku/SnowKitten formerly SteamID: STEAM_0:0:193591710 (Original SnowKitten) and STEAM_0:0:526401692 (Bunny Alt) Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: I was originally banned by Fame on my main account and now Calamity on this account. Reason for Ban: Alt Account, but originally blacklisted by Fame for “I’m tired of seeing you leave and come back so often just go” on main account. Dispute: I know I have been blacklisted for a while, and I generally left it alone, thought about GL a lot, and I realized that me leaving and coming back was bad for me and the community. I get what Fame meant by me leaving and coming back but I honestly just missed GL to much when I left and had to come back. However, I do not value this as a valid reason for a blacklist but I get what he meant anyway. While playing this alt account however, I have been a vivid supporter of GamingLight, even buying vip and a custom class which was set to be added the morning after I post this but I will not be able as dye to my current disposition. I do not expect anyone to forgive me or even welcome me back, however I just wanna come back to what I know, love, and miss so dearly. I do ask that both my alt account, and the original SnowKitten accounts be unbanned given this does somehow get accepted. Also, when confronted by Calamity, I admitted almost immediately and was allowed to be banned without putting up any fight or disrespect, as I realize it does no good anyway.
  3. Stop caring what people think about me so much
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    Samoyeds definitely
  5. Cannot figure out the model path. Can anyone help?
  6. This form is to be filled out post (After) paying for your custom job at All jobs must fit into roleplay. Any jobs that do not are subject to additional charges. (EX. a dog) ALL Custom Job related questions are to be asked in a custom job post. NO questions are to be messaged to Zeeptin personally. Zeeptin gets close to 50 messages per day and posting them in the custom job category makes it easier to keep track of everything. *Most of the time lower staff members can answer all questions. In-Game Name: Bunny Miku SteamID: STEAM_0:0:526401692 Server: PoliceRP Custom Job Name: Rose Color of Job (MUST BE IN RGB FORMAT 255,255,255? 255, 108, 188 Job Description: Your ultimate life goal is to spread happiness to everyone and yet cause chaos to the city when nobody watches. Model (Workshop Playermodel MUST be under 4mb, and the word Playermodel and Ragdoll must be in the title or description. PLEASE LOOK AT EXAMPLES OF ACCEPTABLE MODELS! YOUR MODEL MUST EXCEED THE HEIGHT OF THE 1X1 PLATE): Model Path: models/lightning returns final fantasy xiii/lumina/luminaalr.mdl Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon pack for the associated server. MUST BE ENTITY NAME SUCH AS tfa_csgo_awp NOT AWP) : tfa_csgo_m249 and tfa_csgo_usp Lockpick or Medkit (Medkit or Keypad Cracker for SCP-RP): Medkit Criminal or Government (PoliceRP Government Custom Job is $50 extra) (MTF, CI, Security, or D-Class are the types for SCP-RP) Criminal