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  1. + Support I like this idea simply because of the reason that it makes more RP sense. If 682 were to break out it would easily be able to bust down a door, and gates like gate a or b. There should be some rules set into place though. Heres what I think. - Make it like a self breaching thing, so for (insert time) it gets busted to (insert percent). I would make it faster just because they are breached and if they made it to a gate they are probably found out. - It would be fun for RP purposes. - There would be a lot more nukes and a lot more urgency to re-contain specific SCPs. - It would give SCP's a reason to make it to gate a. - SCP's wouldn't be sitting at Gate A for 15 minutes just hoping it would open, and then have to wait even longer for the second gate if it was E11. Downsides - Nukes would happen a lot more often if there was a small amount of MTF to take care of the problem. - There would be a lot more things staff would have to take care of. If an SCP is breaking gate a, more SCP's will flag up and start breaching, creating more chaos in chat and making it harder for staff to take care of everyting. There are my thoughts on it. Thanks. :3
  2. +/- Support While the numbers of MTF are low right now, perhaps this post can be utilized when MTF is more active, and there are more people in the available branches. I really do like this idea, as I've played 682 several times and it is nearly impossible to make it to the surface, it would create more of a stress on the fact that 682 is one of the most influential SCPs, and create more of an emphasis on why it would be a defcon 2. People would try and feed SCP 682 as fast as possible, rather than there being the thought that he is easy to take down. It would definitely lessen the amount of times 682 dies, and with all of the new CCs it would help these "Beefy" SCPs if they gained a bit of health. Here are my thoughts. - The idea is great, but right now it might not be good to put it into place. - 682 should be feared, and I feel like new players to 682 have a hard time finding enjoyment in playing him, as it is so hard to kill a person with his swep if you aren't familiar with hitboxes or server lag. It might give them a bit more confidence if they had more health. - It might be cool to see a regeneration aspect to 682, maybe a 1-2 hp every 5 seconds kind of thing, in case this post gets denied. And it would fit with lore a lot better while not being too op. - It could cause issues if there is a low amount of MTF on at the time. Thanks. :3
  3. +/- Support While it definitely sounds fun to do, I feel that there should be rules set in place for this. Perhaps a timer for D-Class to open the door, if there are D-Class with the keypad cracker, either they paid for a rank, cc or they have spent lots of time on the server. This also adds the idea that if you pay for something on a server, you are probably going to follow the rules as to not get punished and so your money doesn't get wasted. But to stop moving to other ideologies, this is mainly what I think. - Put rules in place. - Make people who are cracking the door Kos, along with any D-Class in the tower Kos. - Create a disadvantage for D-Class somehow. Perhaps the platform leading to the fence a small one, so that a line of D-Class can get through making it any easier to defend opening. For those who are discouraged to say yes to this suggestion, think about this. - It would open up a new area to use. - If you had plenty of security on, you can send a group to the tower, making it better for snipers to use without getting stabbed in a rush. - It is already very hard for D-Class to escape. If they were smart enough about it and devised a plan to flank and escape, it would be a good Roleplay. They have to get past Security, MTF, and Make it to the town without getting murdered by E11. - New players would be interested that people thought of such an interesting addition. And if security was set up well enough, they would have a blast killing a bunch of D-Class standing in a line ready for shooting. It is a very interesting idea in my opinion and could be used for the betterment of both sides. It just depends on how you set up your defenses, or how well you planned out a riot. Thanks. :3
  4. Ok, I see that you all don't like this but the reason I made the suggestion is because I feel like RCF is taking our jobs. I've done trainings where people say to cpls "Don't go to Nu7 tryouts, RCF is better." This just makes me sad because it feels like Nu7 is underrated and people think its a bad branch. you also talked about how much you hate rcf so i feel this is an effect of that. I never said I hated RCF, I said I felt like they were stealing our jobs. Which they kind of are. Almost every time I get D-Class for SCP's I communicate it, but it seems like nobody cares and they just get the D-Class anyways, or they just don't pay attention. All I ask for is there is a limit for people getting SCPs D-Class for how many Nu7 there are. Please reconsider, and I'm not trying to throw shade at RCF, I just don't like the fact that they are telling CPLs not to go to the tryouts, and I don't like that people don't take Nu7 seriously as a branch. Yes, its a starter branch, but that doesn't mean we should be thrown under the bus and considered useless.
  5. What you want to see? - Other branches should not be feeding SCPs if there are more than (insert good amount) of Nu7 online. Why should we add it? - If you have multiple branches doing the same work with little to no communication between them, too much or too little work is going to get done. What are the advantages of having this? - Nu7 would have its main purpose not infringed upon, and there would be less confusion between feeding. Who is it mainly for? - Nu7 Links to any content - N/A
  6. What you want to see? - MTF Nu7 Medics should have discounted Hemostats and Clots like every other medical support class in the server. Furthermore, the MTF Nu7 Medic Class should have a different gun, or a buffed gun. Why should we add it? - Every other Medical Support class has it, and it would provide better healing for the Medic Class. The MP7 Shoots so fast that hit register doesn't even do any damage, furthermore, medic's are generally targeted as they are the health supply of a team, if they can actually protect themselves instead of needing to be guarded by a heavy class or die, it would make more sense. MTF Medics aren't just squishy healers, MTF has been trained rigorously so it would make sense that they would be able to hold their own. What are the advantages of having this? - MTF Nu7 Wouldn't have to pay 1K for hemostats while every other Medical Support Class has to pay nothing. MTF Medic wouldn't feel like a total waste of time. Who is it mainly for? - MTF Links to any content - N/A
  7. Ingame Name: [GL] Karooso (MTF Nu7 1LT Karooso 2069) Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:185817930 Job Name: MTF G.H.O.S.T. New Player: STEAM_1:0:185817930 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_1:0:185817930
  8. That's the thing, they didn't get pushed, they fell off and the dude behind them didn't back up.
  9. Thank you for letting me know about the steam ID, but the point I'm trying to make is the D-Class shouldn't have been spawning props in the first place, and at that point of view from your picture, you can't even see the prop being spawned. The D-Class knows 1. He's not supposed to be on people's heads, 2. If he falls over that line he will be shot, regardless of if he can back up, and 3. a HUGE riot was happening when I got there, so I wasn't going to take any chances. Just because it's not my job doesn't mean I don't have experience as a security officer, or that I'm not supposed to handle those situations, he was clearly trying to get in front of the other D-Class regardless of if he crossed the line. Furthermore, why would you warn me if the D-Class didn't even complain or give his side of the story? I've also seen countless security do this very same thing and they don't get warns? Just because I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time with a riot going on and a D-Class prop climbing over another and crossing the line, means I get a warning? The only reason why I'm putting up a fuss is that it's so unfair, I did nothing wrong, and if the D-Class was serious about wanting to be tested, he would have never climbed over the other one just to cut, and risk being shot. Why didn't the D-Class get a prop-climbing warn? There is just so much wrong with this situation. I think you'll be a great staff member, just don't settle on something and believe your right without hardly even considering the other person's situation, stress, and view of what happened.
  10. Your In-game: Karooso Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:185817930 The admin's name in-game: AR Skies The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: D-Class RDM Warning Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: What happened was the D-Class spawned a prop, used the prop to climb on another D-Class, this was in the fenced area where you go to get picked by research, mind you, and proceeded to jump over him and on my screen went past the line in front of the D-Class. I killed him because he passed the line. I feel that this warning was false due to the fact that on my screen the D-Class passed the line, and furthermore, prop climbed to do it. Note, I counted down from 5 seconds, and at about 2 is when he fully jumped over. Furthermore, if the D-Class he was climbing over pushed him, he still crossed the line, and should have known of the dangers and consequences of falling/accidentally passing the line if that was what happened regardless. Any extra information: