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  1. Lore Name: CraayyZ Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 527 Safe [X] Euclid [] Keter [] Question / Idea: Will SCP 527 get aggravated by offensive questioning, constant mockery/harassment by Class D █████ during interview/questioning? If SCP 527 is a humanoid with a fish head, will they react and get aggravated by constant questioning and harassment like a regular homosapien would? Background Research: SCP-527 is a male humanoid, 1.67m in height, with the exception of its head, which is that of a gold barb fish. Hypothesis: SCP 527 will react like any humanoid with various signs of irritation and aggravation. Possibly even harming, maiming or fatally injuring the Class D. Observations (What Happened During Test): Test #1 Test #1 didn't go as planned. Class D █████ sat down in front of SCP 527, managing to slip out of his cuffs during the motion. The Class D entered fight or flight mode, choosing to run instead. SCP 527, alongside me chased the Class D, who was shortly after dispatched by Officer Ash, concluding Test 1. Test pronounced inconclusive Test #2 I ordered SCP 527 to return back to the interview room, while I went and retrieved another Class D. This time Officer Ash was swapped out for Officer "G". I return to the interview room with the Class D █████ and Officer "G" I briefed the Class D on what is expected of him during the duration of the "Aggravation test" interview with 527. I also slip a can of sardines into the Class D's pocket. The interview conducted: --------------------------------Start Log-------------------------------- Class D : Hi SCP 527 SCP 527 : Hello Researcher CraayyZ: Begin when ready, Class D █████ Class D : *aggressively* Do you speak English? SCP 527 : Yes, and a bit of German. Class D : Really? Well you're an abomination to look at, have you seen yourself? Can you even see with those big fish eyes?! SCP 527 : I can see very well. Class D : I don't know how you can see! The smell of fish is blinding my eyes! Do you even shower?! SCP 527 : I shower everyday. Class D : Do you know how to scrub?! Did your parents show you how to? SCP 527 : You smell too. *SCP 527 gets up from the chair and begins to walk to the testing chamber exit* Researcher CraayyZ: SCP 527, the interview is not yet concluded. Please return to your seat. *SCP 527 turns around, and returns to their seat with no further complications* Researcher CraayyZ: Continue. *Class D █████ reaches into their right pocket, pulling out a can of sardines, and holds it up in front of 527* SCP 527 : Allah! bless my child. Class D : You like sardines? SCP 527 : Yes. Class D : So you're a cannibal? SCP 527 : No, I'm a golden barb fish. Class D : You still stink like shit. Seriously when was the last time you showered? *Silence* Class D : And that suit, where did you get it? SCP 527 : I don't know, I've had it forever. It's a new suit. Class D : So a hand me down? SCP 527 : I can't remember. *Pause* Class D : So I have a question SCP, Are you miserable like me? Waiting up in a cell block everyday, waiting in line with my hands up seeing other Class Ds get shot around m- Researcher CraayyZ: Alright Class D █████, that's enough. SCP 527 : Wait Researcher, This is getting interesting. I just want to answer this last question and the interview can be complete. Researcher CraayyZ: Thank you for your cooperation SCP 527, but this interview is concluded. SCP 527 : Wait, Why? *SCP 527 turns towards Class D █████* SCP 527 : Yes, I am as miserable as y- Researcher CraayyZ: *slightly agitated* That's enough 527! --------------------------------END Log-------------------------------- Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Before the interview was conducted, Class D █████ was briefed to be hostile and irritable towards SCP 527. Throughout the interview, SCP 527 showed obvious signs of irritation, even getting up and almost leaving the interview/containment chamber before being ordered by Researcher █████ to return to their seat. The interview was further conducted with SCP 527 not showing any signs of irritation or aggravation any further, possibly knowing the extent of the interview. Class D █████ began asking very personal questions towards SCP 527 which peaked 527's interest. Before answering the Class D's question, the interview had been announced concluded by Junior Researcher CraayyZ, who was conducting the experiment. SCP 527 wanted to continue the interview, even pestering Researcher CraayyZ into continuing it. Interview Concluded. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes and no. While in the beginning, 527 showed various signs of irritation as well as almost leaving during the interview. As the interview continued, 527 began responding and treating Class D █████ like a friend. 527's interest especially peaked when the Class D mentioned being miserable. This could possibly lead to further experimentation with 527..