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  1. Hello fellow marines and the rest of our army, As we all know (or should know) I am curently inactive, I have no excuse besides saying that my dedication to the server is not where it should be right now. Now I have a dicision to make; Do I... 1. Resign 2.go on LOA till I get my shit together or 3. Find out how the hell I'm going to keep my rank. I need advise from someone so please message me in Discord so I can chat privatly with you and figure out what I should choose. But I do need to apoligizes for my absence and for being unresponsible. I feel like becoming a CPT was a mistake and I knew I should of waited longer. Once again, sorry. ~ Guitar Boi (Nicholas)
  2. + support He shows the so much dedication to the Marine Core. I approve of him.
  3. To give some context last summer I work for a Personal Injury Attorney. Because I'm running low on money I'm getting my job back for the weekends. Now that I've explained myself I will need to say that it will be more rare to see me on the weekends because of my job. Thanks for your understanding. ~Guitar Boi
  4. +Support -Very Mature -Great Leadership -Good Soldier -Will become a great high-ranking officer
  5. + Support Great leadership Good Pilot Very supportive when needed
  6. 1. What is your In-Game Name? Guitar Boi 2. What are you applying for? Captain Rank 3. How much time do you have in-game total( 5 days and 6 hours minimum) : 2 weeks and 3 hours 4. Why do you want to be Captain ( 60 words minimum): Something tells me that I'm missing out. Something tells me that I need to step up into a higher rank and actually be someone that stands out and lead my troops into bitter war. I want to be able to be a help to my higher ups on the new responsibilities that I will posses. 5. Who would you like to see you as Captain ( Two officers minimum): 1LT Josh, 1LT Bob, 1LT Tigersden 6. Why should we trust you with Captain? ( This is a high rank in USMC. 75 words minimum): I've been doing my best to keep are troops active on the field ready for any crap the Russians will throw at us. I always care for our base like it's our home, protecting it from the Taliban. I treat my troops like they are my family and keep them motivated to live another day. I always will be ready for orders and I promise to keep United States Marine Core intact as long as I'm alive. That's why I'm determined to become Captain of US Marines. 7. What is your timezone? CST 8. What is your USMC rank? ( 1LT+): 1LT 9. How often can you be on? Almost every day. 10. Are you willing to do what it takes to lead your troops into battle? Even if that means leading them straight into enemy hellfire? Yes
  7. + Support - good aim -disciplined -good support to our team -great callouts - USMC 1LT Guitar Boi P.S. Good luck Bob
  8. + Support: Pfieffer is a very down to earth person with great leadership skills, callouts, respectful, and disciplined. I recommend him to the MARSOC task force.