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    Test with SCP-066

    Lore Name: Spice Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 066 Question / Idea:What would SCP-066 do if attacked? Background Research: SCP-066 uses loud music to damage the hearing of its subjects, but what would provoke this? Hypothesis: It would be very aggressive and blast sound as loud as possible Observations (What Happened During Test): Most Class-D were hesitant to attack it, they seemed afraid of it, which resulted in the attempting to run and being terminated. The third D-Class I obtained was D-5914 which Accepted the orders and was compliant. He punched SCP-066 and initially it ran away. After I told the D-Class to persist in punching it, it blasted its music at him and he stopped. The second D-Class oddly volunteered for it, and the same results happened with him. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): It could be possible that SCP-066 needs some time to recharge its bursts of sound, which was the reason for the fleeing, as well as potentially not wanting to cause harm. After the D-Class punched it again, this could have made the self defense instinct initiate, and was the reason for it blasting its music at the D-Class. This suggests the ball of yarn might have some personality to it, though I could just be overthinking it. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: It was not correct, no.
  3. Lore Name: Spice Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 457 Question / Idea: How will he react to someone with heat resistant clothing, how hot is he, as well as his views on killing people and animals. Background Research: I learned that his intelligence scales with his size, and I was thinking that might effect how he terminates his subjects. Hypothesis: SCP-457 Will not be able to terminate D-5823 due to the heat resistant clothing on his body. I am also hoping that he shows some form of personality. Observations (What Happened During Test): The heat resistant clothing did nothing to stop SCP-457's effects, which resulted in the D-class being burned to death. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: That D class burned up pretty good... Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): SCP-457 burns people not only through fire on skin contact, but by heating up a certain area. This was also demonstrated when he set one of us on fire through the glass of the containment cell. He also seems to enjoy killing beings, more than objects. he mentioned that he found it amusing. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Nope, definitely not
  4. Spice

    Test with SCP-912

    Lore Name: Spice Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 912 Question / Idea: How would SCP-912 react when attacked by a D-class Background Research: SCP-912 does react with hostility when presented with a threat, but what would it do if directly attacked and how much force would it use? Hypothesis: SCP-912 would kill the attacker. Observations (What Happened During Test): We armed a D-3813 With a Aluminum baseball bat, and ordered him to attack SCP-912 once. D-3813 Attacked SCP-912 and proceeded to attack him until he was dead, SCP-912 could not stop the D-class. After The D-Class terminated SCP-912 He proceed to attack us with his bat. He harmed some of us but he was eventually terminated by our firearms. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): We should have given the D-Class a weaker tool to attack with, which did not result in 912's death and the damage to the researchers performing the test. 912 was not equipped with enough to defend himself or us from the D-Class. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: It was incorrect, due to an underestimation of SCP-912's combat capabilities. Extra Information: The test was supervised by Protege, Assistant Researcher Cancer was the one to initially come up with the test, and Junior Researcher Threep assisted with it.