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  1. What are you suggesting? - That we increase the pay per pound of trash say to $5/lb of trash How would this change better the server? - Give people more reasons to get on the server and stay. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Not that I know of. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Janitorial/Poor people Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A, just editing files of the current trash system
  2. -support -i'm on a lot and have never seen you -quite a bit of warns -don't meet the word requirements
  3. Grade: F Log Quality: Sub-Standard What could've been done better: • Isn't much to read • no pictures • Use the wiki for background research What was done right: • nothing from what i can tell
  4. Grade: A Log Quality: Quality What could've been done better: • The font is a little hard to read What was done right: • There is plenty to read • There is pictures • The custom format is nice
  5. +support -Dedicated -friendly -Trustworthy -command in multiple branches
  6. +/- Support +support: Im poor and want shit to do in the off hours -support: What hoovy said
  7. Grade: B Log Quality: Standard What could've been done better: • Length of the document What was done right: •There is a lot of detail •There is a neat looking custom format •Pictures
  8. He has good rolls too. More + supports because of that
  9. +/- Pros -Good in combat -good person Cons -Dosent have much written down to show why he wants to be on the staff team -can't figure out how to get a steamID
  10. I need my healers ;-; -Signed OR2 Cancer